Does anybody else find an interesting topic on here and start reading through all the replys only to find that you’ve read it all before, but the only way you can tell is that you find your own reply you sent the last time you were looking through it :slight_smile:


Yeah, I find that I constantly struggle with memory and remembering things. I have soooo many reminders on my phone just to get through the day. I should probably get a planner just in case my phone ever stops working haha.


:joy::rofl::joy:Yes, i do that a lot.


my wife gets annoyed as all get out when i forget things she said just moments before, or i forget arguments we had a day before, i am always sitting there when she says don’t tell me you forgot what i said just last night … i stare at her with a blank look. started to think i was losing my mind


There are serious benefits to not remembering arguments with your partner :grin:

There’s a novel by Kazuo Ishiguro that is all about this! The Buried Giant. (I really liked it, but a lot of people didn’t. It’s got no butlers or stately homes in it, perhaps tjat’s why…)


I always get the “you never listen” talk, whenever I forget something my wife’s told me lol
Its always amazed me how easily some people can listen to something somebody said and store it within there brain ready for when it’s needed.
For me, when somebody tells me to do something, it’s like my brain has nowhere to store the information to keep it safe, it’s like being given ice to look after in the desert, you can see it melting away Infront of you, but there’s nothing you can do about it.
I either have too write it down or continually repeat It to myself until the task is completed


sounds exactly like me to the T lol. scary how i really thought it was me and i was alone which is a isolating feeling, i am glad i can connect with others who are feeling as i do.


My shocking working memory is my most severe symptom of my inattentive ADD. At work I will forget literally every instruction I’m given unless I write it down :joy: Although the meds help with that thank god, or else I think I’d be unemployed!

For me it’s like when my boss is talking to me and asking me to do something, it’s like they’re throwing spaghetti at a glass window in front of me and almost none of it is sticking. Weird metaphor I know but that’s how it feels haha. Good bosses can tell when I’m not taking in their instructions by the blank confused expression on my face and will stop talking and write it down for me :stuck_out_tongue:


If my brain is ruminating on an interesting or absorbing topic, I will NOT remember anything told to me. Yes, even if I have an entire conversation with you. Ain’t gonna stick. At work I have worked hard to try and remember to write down what people are saying, otherwise I’ll forget before they walk away from my desk.


I’m the same, I think it’s more to do with taking the information in and storing it in the first place.
I recently had a test for dyslexia and I was surprised that I did quite well in the memory test, I think it was because the test was presented in a fun way, so i was engaged and focused.


I need a paper brain to function. Luckily I do have a very visual memory, so when I lose my paper shopping list I can often remember most of it. Which used to happen every time I went to a particular supermarket. I started to think they had some kind of shopping list magnet in the doorway.

My worst nightmare would be to lose my diary though. I couldn’t hope to remember everything in that. :scream:


I can’t tell you how many times I have told the same story.