Migraine drug interaction question - Topamax

I do have a question about a medication’s side effects. The doctor has recently prescribed Topamax (topiramate) to me, as a preventative measure for my frequent migraines. Well, I already have attention problems, obviously, and the side effects listed are huge, including lots of attention problems, brain fog, depression, etc. Has anyone any experience with Topamax and ADHD? My psychiatrist normally lets me handly my own Ritalin dose, I take more regularly when I need to focus/study harder than my regular schedule, mostly in exam weeks/important deadlines. Is this an occasion to talk to him and regulate my ADHD meds as well? Any other experience is also welcome! I realise that Topamax is not the most pleasant medicine in the world, but I’m truly out of options, and I’m hoping that I can handle this as best as I can with my given state :confused:

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