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This forum is great I just joined too!
I’ve been rewatching the “to the teachers of ADHD students” for a couple of hours and it makes me so happy and sad at the same time! It’s just to relatable to me! I think you might also like that so check it out if you’ve not watched it yet :slight_smile:




So much fun reading your post. You write very well and it had a excitable good energy/vibe to it. It feels like you could be my identical twin.
I’m very excited that you discovered and am now getting treatment for your adhd. When I finally stop trying to be “normal” and started learning to be me again, my spirit lifted. Watching the how to adhd videos made me laugh and cry as well. She made me begin to feel okay about myself again and taught me that I’m prefect the way I am, I just learn and do things differently. Even though I do and I believe I will always stuggle more than others (hope not). I do however feel a little sad for people who don’t have adhd brain. I imagine their lives to be a little boring. The stuff I do and think of. I’ve made many silly fun memories


Nice to meet you. I agree with you. It’s true you can’t judge a fish’s ability to climb a tree.




Yes, I do! It’s fun to have ideas I love when I got a groove going, like when I’m cleaning and organizing my house as I’m into it I discover better ways of doing something.


Hello TurboCoffeeNInja (LOVE the username) and welcome!

No worries about the English! We have plenty of people here at various levels of English speaking. :grin: Hell, even some of us native English speakers fail at the language. :joy: I’m glad we can give you a space where you can feel like you aren’t alone in the struggles! We are glad to have you! :heart:




Sorry for being so incompetent, but cannot find where to delete my account.
Not gonna make more people sad, and no one knows me in here so… Just gonna find a good fast ending before X-mas :):heart:


Sent you a DM.


Please don’t. I need you here.
On a good day you’re unstoppable and you know it.