Mindfulness helping intrusive thoughts

Does mindfulness help intrusive thoughts ?

To get a diagnosis of ADHD, I had to realise something was not right , focussing on the past. A therapist in February 2020, detected my ADHD. Negative thoughts can make you depressed. Does mindfulness / meditation, help remove the bad thoughts ?


I do not know about removing bad thoughts but I believe it can help living with them.


There is plenty of research which indicates that mindfulness meditation can probably help anyone. There is also research specifically about the effectiveness of mindfulness for people with ADHD. ADDitude Magazine even had an article category for: meditation.

Last year, when I was diagnosed with ADHD, I was concurrently diagnosed with anxiety. The ADHD &/or Anxiety caused me to experience having intrusive thoughts much of the time, often ruminating on things that “went wrong” in my work life over the last several years.

At the same time, I was in the middle of a “Bible in one year” devotional, which I used to help me with meditation (mediating on Bible scriptures, not the same as the typical mindfulness meditation techniques… although I was being mindful of my thoughts).

  • This was my choice at the time for how to meditate, but I have found that the method of focusing on breathing does help calm me.

Due to the intense anxiety that I was going through, I was put on medication by my doctor. The medication helped me with the rumination and intrusive thoughts in general, and I think that the mindfulness meditation helped me whenever I remembered to use it.

  • I no longer needed anxiety medication after 2-3 months of taking it.
  • Now I occasionally use mindfulness meditation, usually by focusing on my breathing, but sometimes in prayer or while meditating on a Bible verse.

Mindfulness effectiveness for me: moderate. I do not practice it very much, or else I expect it would be more effective.

(Factoid: it took me just over 400 days to complete a 365 day Bible devotional, because of my distractibility… About 10% longer than planned.)


I have had difficulties sleeping and found meditation with music helps me relax enough to fall asleep. I started this as a child before I new anything about ADHD. I played mostly movie theme music because it did not have words (John Williams - Star Wars etc.) I rigged the record player (yes I am that old) to turn off when the record ended. I now use a smart phone and YouTube but I still concentrate on the music as others will use breathing or bible verses.


I don’t always have trouble sleeping, but when I do, it’s usually because of worry. (Going through some relationship struggles right now. It just takes some time to get through it.)