Missed it again...


I signed up for an event a couple of weeks ago… i got a reminder yesterday to attend it… i totally forgot abt it… its noon now, im still at home n the event got over… i hv been using sticky notes to keep track of my to do list… i totally forgot to update it n now im feeling so very bad for missing it . Im getting no way better at this… :slightly_frowning_face:


What I do that I have found very helpful is to set up an event in my phone’s calendar (which it seems you might already be doing). I set 3 alerts for each new event. 24 hours, 1 or 2 hours, AND 15 minutes prior. It has been a life saver!


We all trip up! The fact that you’ve been setting reminders and putting up sticky notes is a great sign of how hard you’re trying. Because at the end of the day that’s all we can do, try. For a long time I was a big quitter after I messed up (I still am a little), but I’ve gotten better at getting back up and starting over.
A lot of us ADHDers are forgetful, I mean I mess meetings all the time, but our dedication to keep coming back is what sets us apart. Remember, we are ~Brainiacs~ and we can take on the world one sticky note at a time lol!


I do the same. It took some practice before I got into the habit of putting EVERY appointment into my phone. (One tip, put it in IMMEDIATELY or you will forget.) But now I do, and it’s so helpful. I also make sure I put any notes in, like if I need to bring a dish or something, and I’ll make a SECOND event or appointment with alarms for that thing I need to do for the upcoming event. I also always put the address in, and I connect my Waze mapping app to my calendar, so in addition to my calendar alarms, my Waze app calculates what time I need to arrive at the appointment address (it monitors current traffic conditions, so it’s pretty accurate) and about 30 minutes before I should leave it sends me a notification TELLING me what time I need to leave by. It is an amazing help.


Wow… Im glad that you are able to keep track of things with alarms on mobile… I did try that… n every time i get my alarm ringing n i see any notifications from fb or youtube or any other app… there it goes…poooffff!!!
My fone was/ is one of my distractions so i stopped using it for reminders n used sticky notes instead. And I am trying mindfulness… it kinda helped but forgetting this event today feels everything fell apart…


Oh, and sticky notes. I used to do this all the time. I knew I needed to remember key information, so I’d write it down on a sticky note. Unfortunately the sticky notes were scattered in a dozen different places, stuck to the fridge, or on the bathroom mirror, or on my desk, places where I thought they would be obvious to me so I would keep seeing them. Alas, they became background clutter too easily.

I started using a bullet journal to function the same as my sticky notes and it has worked well for me. Everything in one place with an index to help me find stuff.

I also had the same issue as you with phone alarms. To some degree it was a process of training myself to pay attention to them. But you certainly need to find the method that works best for you.


Hahaha, I can so relate to the phone alarm leading to other distractions on my phone!

I was doing so well with my colour coded weekly planner until xmas, now it’s a month since I actually made one :sweat:

In fact, the fact that I have been here on this forum a lot lately is, for me, a sign that things are not going well at the moment :confused:


Cool… im gonna try the bullet journal :sunglasses: