Mixing metaphors from recent videos

So I wanted to post this in response to the Bridge of Motivation video that was just released on the channel, and I feel like it was actually perfectly timed for me, because I have a reflection paper I’ve been trying to write about my study abroad experience in the fall, and it helped explain so much about why I’ve been having so much trouble with it. For one, it’s already late, so I feel like I’ve lost the sense of urgency for working on it because I’m subconsciously thinking that “it’s already late, so how does a few more days make any difference”, plus it feels like my interest planks have just been breaking themselves out of spite, because while I was there, I was super interested in how the experience was helping me grow as a person and really excited to write about it, but now I look at my outlines that I made for it, and just hate the sight of everything that I’ve put in the outline, both what I wrote and how I arranged it.

And to get to the mixing metaphors part, I feel like I also have a massive wall of awful about writing that is cutting right through my bridge making it that much more difficult to write… I’m curious if anyone else has stories of times that multiple metaphors about the ADHD experience described different aspects of a situation in this way, and how/if that helped you get through the situation. I would also welcome ideas for dealing with my bridge, because I have been trying to find ways to add planks to my bridge while also dealing with the wall for days and it hasn’t been going very well.


I am assuming you are at a college or universty but please correct me if I am mistaken. If you need some help with a paper even though you have already written an outline could you possibly go and get some help from on the campus tutoring center and ask for some help in the writing department. Cause trust me that is how I kinda get through my wall of awful when it comes to writing anytype of paper for my classes I do not get writing help for personal stuff that I write from time to time. Could you possibly ask friends to help you out with your paper sometimes I find that talking it out helps as well. Okay in terms of adding planks to your bridge- figure out what motivates you to get a task done if that is oh if I finish this task then I can go and get ice cream or Sometimes I listen to music I try to convince myself that I need to finishes a chapter in a book before the next song starts. Hope this helps and heres something that might help ya out atlest this is what my yearbook teach always said back in middle school “On time is late and Late is on time” also dont forget for most things the best way to look at it is its better to turn something in late then not turn anything in at all becasue if you turn something in even if its late it still shows that you care about finishing this paper. Good Luck and you got this

For almost every single paper I ever wrote, both undergrad and graduate school, I enjoyed doing the research. It was like a scavenger hunt, I would find one piece that led me to another and then to another., etc. It was exciting. Then I would have all the material scattered about the floor in my room and typically wait about 12 to 18 hours before the paper was due to begin putting it together. That I did not find exciting but nerve-racking. But it seemed I needed to wait for that sense of urgency to get my ass in gear. I went to a conference on a ADHD were one of the speakers said: “people with ADD know only two types of time . . . It’s now or it’s not now”. So if the paper was due two days from now it wasn’t the now when the paper was due. Then the night before I would think about it and say “oh shit paper is due tomorrow”. Then it was the now that got me going.

As for suggestions, frankly I don’t know what to suggest. Somehow I never got past that dynamic. I did the same thing throughout a 40 year career in administration as a social worker. One time I stayed overnight in the building to have access to materials and did not sleep a wink and got the job done 10 minutes before it was due in my bosses office. That was a very frustrating night when the computer would act up. I sat in the office all by myself and started cursing like a sailor and punched the wall . . . almost breaking my hand.

So I’m afraid no good advice here but perhaps some support with the realization that you’re not alone! I hope you’re able to find some strategies that work for you and would love to hear how you make out!

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It is a college paper, but the situation is a little bit complicated. The paper obviously needs to be due after I return from being abroad because it is reflecting on my entire experience being abroad, but now that I’m home I can’t access anything like that from that school. But on the other hand, I’m not enrolled in any classes this semester because my semester abroad will fill the last credits I need to graduate, so I don’t think I can access any campus resources at my school here in the US either. I have been getting some help from my boyfriend, and he has probably been the biggest reason that I’m managing to make any progress at all. As for the thing motivating me to get it done, it theoretically is finally being able to play Minecraft again, but what has ended up happening is that I’ll sit staring at my outline and what I’ve already written for multiple hours without being able to get anything done, and if I try to take a break doing something else, my sense of urgency for the paper fades because I’m not looking at it, and I’ll somehow end up defaulting to opening Minecraft when I shouldn’t. I’m finally making some progress again, but only because my boyfriend doesn’t have to work today and is able to sit next to me the entire day

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ah okay I cannot really think of any other ideas in regards to your situation but hey your going to graduate soon so congrats.