Mom with ADHD..I just want to help ...


Hello Jessica,

My Name is Cherish, I am 31 years old, a mother to 3 beautiful babies . Since the age of 6 I have been told that I have ADHD. I was immediately put in therapy prescribed Ritalin, Zoloft, bursar, and a plethora of others from ages 6-11 and later was placed on adderall until age 12. At that time I had a discussion with my foster mom(great aunt) stating that I didn’t feel like I could be who I was supposed to be when I was taking it because it changed my entire personality. So we stopped… that didn’t go well down the road. I decided to restart meds in my early 20s When I chose to go back to school for nursing. I wanted to help people. As an adult I have never really understood how much my ADHD actually effected my life on a daily basis. I always have just felt like a failure. Almost as if I had a “glitch” (thank you wreck it ralph😬)… WHY CANT I JUST DO IT!? Then last night, I stumbled across your ted talk… NOW I get it… now I understand …I just need MORE TOOLS. As a mom with ADHD it’s incredibly overwhelming and the tasks normal moms complete can make me feel like a total failure. The comparison can kill ya! My partners and friends just can’t understand how I can put on full shows- sing in front of thousands or fully produce and direct charity events, speak and mentor to people, make graphic images and posters …But I just can’t seem to keep my house clean or my bills paid. They say I am just not trying hard enough and that I am just playing a victim. That I should and could be better. That can be incredibly defeating at times.
I am honestly here looking for tools and how I can help— I too have a lot of creative ideas - aspirations… I want to own a Performing Arts school- I want to teach and do ted talks and help people. I want to create a safe place for kids and teens and young adults . I am the product of a heroine addict and I born addicted. I was the child no one wanted or loved growing up. A kid with behavioral problems. I will never forget being taken by the hand in kindergarten and placed outside the door to sit while all the other kids inside were allowed to play and learn and I was to disruptive. I grew up in the foster care system. I was placed at 4 days old and aged out at 19 because I had to graduate highschool to be an independent adult. I have faced a lot of adversity and I have A LOT to share. Please let me know if there is room on your team … how I can get more involved. How I can help myself be better. My passions are in music and youth advocacy. I just want to be a voice to those like me … who grew up different … the odd ball… the reject. If I can make it through this and through life… SUCCESSFULLY…anyone can. Thank you so much for your time



Hi Cherish, welcome to the tribe. I don’t think Jessica comes on here much at all. Pretty busy with the vids I guess.

It sounds like you’ve been stepped on quite a bit. But I’m glad to see that you have a positive outlook, and goals.

I always enjoy (?) reading other people’s stories. There are always differences to my own, but so very many similarities.