Monotasking, have you tried it.?

Monotasking: focusing on 1 task.


I tried, I failed :sweat_smile:

But like… how??? I mean I guess hyper focussing is a thing but whats the time frame? Until you’ve finished the task? What if the task is writing a novel? Is the time frame until you stop focusing on just the one task in which case thats not a good judge of whether it worked or not… Hmmmm :thinking:


How? I don’t know either,
Never thought about time either.

Mono tasking for me is me only doing three things at once. If I could of just stuck to one task of cleaning my fish tank yesterday I wouldn’t of ended up at med express with a lacerated palm. But no I had to work on another project downstairs that I saw while getting buckets for cleaning my fish tank. I couldn’t even just finish what I was headed down there for in the first place.

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Unfortunately I can only do it while on meds… and even then I’ll see myself still self regulating to do just one thing at a time.
I don’t know… I used to think it’s too boring to do just one thing! but as someone mentioned, I’m able to hyper focus a lot - I realized I could do this as a child so I used it as a superpower like many here - but let’s be honest, it’s a bless to find that state. I really don’t like to multitask as I’m waaaay less productive when doing it by myself, and when talking to others they think I’m being rude… most of my life I’ve used “controlled noise” (that’s the way I call doing things that calm me and allow me to do other things in the meantime, like playing a video game or playing the piano or anything like that) to keep those threads in my brain under control knowing they won’t get distracted as I try to talk or listen to another person.
So yeah… nope can’t monotask.