Monotasking, have you tried it.?

Monotasking: focusing on 1 task.


I tried, I failed :sweat_smile:

But like… how??? I mean I guess hyper focussing is a thing but whats the time frame? Until you’ve finished the task? What if the task is writing a novel? Is the time frame until you stop focusing on just the one task in which case thats not a good judge of whether it worked or not… Hmmmm :thinking:


How? I don’t know either,
Never thought about time either.

Mono tasking for me is me only doing three things at once. If I could of just stuck to one task of cleaning my fish tank yesterday I wouldn’t of ended up at med express with a lacerated palm. But no I had to work on another project downstairs that I saw while getting buckets for cleaning my fish tank. I couldn’t even just finish what I was headed down there for in the first place.

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