Motor Mouth!

When my son was in nursery school, before he was diagnosed with ADHD, he presented as an overactive, nonstop talking (at home only) child. Don’t know where we picked up the term “motormouth” but that is how we made reference to our son (sometimes in conversation).

To be fair . . . that same identifier applies to me. My wife and I just came back from having dinner with a couple of new friends. After we parted with the other couple, my wife told me, in no uncertain terms, that I had pretty much monopolized the table conversation. In retrospect, I agree 100%. But during dinner I was pretty much non-stop. Yes, I listened when others talked but then, without much pause turned the discussion back to “my” topics. Though my motor was not going at top speed . . . it hardly stopped to cool down. In one way I knew that I was taking center stage . . . and not that I didn’t care, but I didn’t pay attention (or didn’t want to).

Am I the only one? (I think not . . . )!

Would like to hear from others . . .



I know that I do that sometimes, usually when in conversation with a new acquaintance. I think it’s the novelty stimulation…(ooh, a new audience!)

I’ve realized that I’ve developed a phrase that I say when I catch myself monopolizing a conversation: I say, “I’d better stop there, or I’ll end up telling you my whole life story.”


i like this! thank you!

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Well, I admit that I use that phrase as self deprecating humor.

(It’s healthy to be able to laugh at yourself, but unhealthy to put yourself down, so I’m not sure whether that’s a good thing or not.)

I came up with that because I realized that I was literally telling some people my whole life’s story (or the highlight reel, at least).

Yeah I think the only thing that saves me from being completely out of control is that my mother used to trap people for hours in one way conversations… I try to remember to ask things like “how are you?” “Did you do anything on the weekend.” Etcetera, I also say things like “kick me if I don’t shut up” or give them a password… banana! Which they never use I think my best friend just glares at me and I apologise and shut up.

Being self aware is key, and I think if you can laugh at yourself, it makes it easier for others to gently say “hey lu, uh, is it my turn yet.” As they know I won’t lose my temper I don’t think I’m that important or perfect.

Everyone is bad at something! In the scheme of things this thing is not the worst in the world!

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