Moving and Packing


I’m moving tomorrow (!!!) which means I have to get everything packed and shoved somewhere in my car. It’s just a very large endeavor and I’m having trouble focusing on it, so I figured I’d make a thread here so people can share their packing techniques or moving experiences and maybe having this thread active will keep this brain on-topic at the very least.

How do you keep focused while packing?


That’s a tough one, i know it’s obvious but I work out different categories of things and box them all together, the thought of knowing it will be easier to unpack and knowing roughly where things are without having to rember what box I packed them in, is a slight motivator, I do the same thing when I’m food shopping, hope this helps, although you’re probably doing it anyway, listening to good music or a podcast can help too as long as it’s not too distracting or thought provocing.


The trick is to listen to music or podcasts in languages that you only slightly understand :-p




My problem is that I did that, and then realized that the suitcase I’m packing my clothes in has to be the last thing to go into my car, geometrically. So I’ve had a fully-packed suitcase just taking up space as I work around it :-p

I think I’ll get everything done on time, though.


I did it! I just barely did it in time, but I goty whole life crammed into a mid-size sedan and both it and myself are now inside of a boat, floating across a fjord!



Yay! Congrats on making it!:grin::+1::clap: