Moving to a new place tips? Moving in a little over 2 weeks

Finally moving in about 2 weeks and I’m really struggling with planning what to do without forgetting the thing i was gonna write down by the time i open my memo pad. Plenty of mental energy but zero focus and the last 10-20% of any big task is always the hardest. I’ve been pacing myself and most of the boxes here are in storage (to make it easier for just one trip on moving day) but I’m daunted at the amount of stuff in storage that will need unpacking and sorting after we move in (a lot of the boxes were just piled together from time crunch, but the boxes at our current place got sorted over the course of various cleaning tornados which is good). Most of the stuff still here is stuff we use daily, and that gets saved til the end

I dunno i need like organizing tips for before/during/after moving, stuff i gotta do once i move in like utilities, and other stuff to make the place not a pile of boxes for months and months? How to organize my brain enough to even make the lists of lists i need to make?? Help???

Any like list articles/YouTube or how-to guides welcome.

And how to manage the stress?

(Pardon any confusing wording, can explain anything unclear)

You can make separate lists, to be tackled at different times. For instance,

  • things to pack last
  • things to check on the last day: take a final look, disconnect things, clean up etc.
  • things to do after moving in: call utilities to be connected to the new place and disconnected from the old, put labelled boxes in the rooms where they should be unpacked
  • schedule unpacking for each room. If you don’t get to unpacking something during this time, you may not unpack it until the next move - at least that is what happens to me!

You can find a lot of moving related articles online. Some of them can be incredibly detailed but I find simpler lists work better for me.

This is also the only way I can get ready before a trip without getting stressed. I make a list of all the things I need to pack and then get to them. This way I don’t forget something important (like my tickets!).

These lists help manage the stress. You can (and should) make them fairly quickly and then add items to them as you remember. Basically go with your instinct. You can always move items from one list to another if needed.

There are apps and online tools that can help but for me a single sheet of paper, one per such list, is the best as I can check things off as I finish them. Accessing a phone or computer to check things off in the middle of such activities can be very dangerous!



I moved about six months ago but sadly I was sick during the whole thing so I don’t even remember what I did. D: All I remember is the box thing because… I… totally put all my books in a big box and I’m pretty sure our hired movers low key hated me for it. :sweat_smile:

Hahaaaaa definitely!!! All the books are all packed up in storage, mostly in milk crates or similar sized boxes. Unpacking them is gonna be a trip though… Might just fashion a bookshelf from milkcrates and zipties :laughing:

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I just peeked in the app masterlist here and found mindly and now most of the list is done!! :hushed::hushed::hushed::hushed: dunno how that happened… I think i just needed to freak out in writing for a bit tbh. Most of the freakout right now is that i can’t even remember the things long enough to write them down or when i get the list open… Blank mind… :dizzy_face:

that’s mainly my issue i think, plenty of i know what to do but forget before i can write it down or do it. Frustrated at awful short term memory and attention span

I think i should mention, moving out of mom’s house, so that part isn’t so urgent to be 100% clean by 9am moving day or anything, i can grab things if i forget them. (Writing this sentence reminded me of another thing to jot down :joy: )

These are all A+ suggestions and i really appreciate you taking the time to help :heart:


Re: boxes packed in a rush that are a mishmash of things.
I feel like this always happens to me, and I’ve moved 11 times in my adult life. The technique that ive found is this. Clear a space… table, floor, etc. Bring over only one box at a time. While pulling things out, place them in piles for the rooms they go in. Empty out the box completely and take apart the box ( lol… this makes it so you cant put anything back). Once empty, bring one pile at a time to the correct room. Put away as best you can. Repeat until done.

Here’s a biggy for me… reward yourself. Set a timer for 5-10 min so you can play on your phone, eat something, whatever, and when the alarm goes off, get the next box.

Oh… I do keep two empty boxes set up while unpacking. One is for “I have no idea where to put that” and one is for " things I have borrowed and never returned. Lol… I’m super bad for that.

These are great! But i moved almost a year ago at this point :joy: gonna copy paste these into my facebook group for executive dysfunction!

Thank you!

Lol!!! That’ll teach me to not look at dates. Well…:smirk:hopefully it’ll help someone?

Definitely will! I added it to the “moving” masterpost!