My 3.5 year old nephew has ADHD

I am 37 and have learned so much about my adhd from this site.

My nephew who almost certainly has ADHD though has not yet been diagnosed has been having problems self regulating at his daycare. The daycare met with my sister and explained that they are concerned about him becoming more withdrawn from his peers and notice that it is becoming increasingly difficult to get him to transition from one activity to the next.

The daycare is being gracious and cooperative.

At 3.5 years old, are there meditation practices for kids or other resources that may be helpful?

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Hello Lenny,
Not sure how a lad this age with AD would be able to meditate, I can’t at 50, but maybe someone else will have better advice.

It might be worth doing some investigation about the Autism spectrum, and then consider if it would be appropriate for him to be assessed for this.

Good luck!

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There are also a lot of other developmental and social factors that could be at play. ASD or ADHD may be among the possibilities, but it’s also worth exploring what’s going on at home, how the behavior is outside of school, if there are other challenges or struggles with things like cognitive functioning or learning, and also asking him how he feels and why he struggles.

It’s easy for adults, including teachers, to make a quick assessment of something to box it and move on, but with kids it can be a lot more complex since so much of what a kid does is influenced by what is going on around them. Maybe there’s a bully at day care. Maybe there’s too much noise. Maybe the activities they do are just boring or uninteresting. Maybe he needs to use the bathroom more or eat a snack because he’s internally hungry. So many things to consider.

If things are at the point where they’re causing difficulties, one of the first steps would be to seek a child specialist like a therapist or pediatrician. I’d hesitate to rush to diagnosis at 3.5, but they’d be better suited to sort things out.

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Specifically about meditation: I used to know a yoga teacher who did yoga with small ones and rounded off with colouring or making something together at the end, in a kind of mindfulness for kids way.

Sorry, but it just occurs to me: 3 and a half? Difficulty transitioning between activities? This is daycare not school, just how structured does a kid’s day need to be at that age?:confused:

Professional help might be the answer, but so might a daycare centre with more built in flexibility?

Just remember that kids need loving care more than anything else. OK, food and physical safety above that, but nothing else is so important that they should get stressed out because grown-ups have a load of expectations the kid isn’t even able to meet at this point in his life.:kissing_closed_eyes:


I agree that 3.5 years old would be a difficult age to diagnose ADHD. Even neurotypical kids that age can exhibit behavioral problems.

On the topic of meditation for young kids, I know that some kids grow up with meditation as a family practice. For those who don’t, they can learn with the help of a parent or teacher. I remember reading about a school that did this with a whole class if young students, so I looked it up. They called their mindfulness meditation program “breathing buddies”, with the kids laying on a matt and putting a small stuffed animal in their bellies. They would focus on their breathing by watching their “buddy” (the stuffed animal) go slowly up and down.

I originally read about this in a book (I don’t remember the title or author at the moment), but I found an article that mentions the program.


first of all welcome here. Great place to be! :sunglasses:

meditation for a 3 1/2 year-old? . . . That I don’t know! But someone else hear very well may . . .

My son who is now 43 Diagnosed at 4 1/2 was the “wild man” in day care. I can tell you this with certainty that instead of kindergarten we put him a Montessori school. for the first few days all he did was wash a rock and that was OK. Montessori school was one of the best decisions we ever made early on. that’s about it for now . . . Gotta go to a zoom Quaker meeting for worship. Hope to “talk” with you again!


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The breathing buddy is soooo cute! And sneakily effective :grin:

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