My ADHD is so bad that...


I can’t even sit at a stop light without having to find something to pay attention to such as the radio or my phone because I am no longer driving.

What is your “My ADHD is so bad that…”?



My adhd is so bad that … Wait what were we doing again?



My ADHD is so bad that… I can sit and do pretty much nothing for hours, then enter hyperfocus, and people get damn confused (and think I’m just lazy)…



My ADHD is so bad that… Auto-Dependent-HighTech-Drone… I get creative sometimes feels overwhelming.

I’m afraid to get myself overworked at a point I would to nothing for days.



My ADHD is so bad that…

I lost my job…
Couldn’t get the paperwork right to get onto unemployment benefits…
Finally managed to sort it out, only took me 2 months…
Now I’m getting $570 a month to pay a mortgage almost 5 times that amount…
Bought cigarettes instead of paying the bills…
I’ve been watching wood working videos non-stop on Youtube since January…
My mate (an accountant) forced me to do my taxes by bribing me with alcohol…
Did 4 years worth, and got a hefty tax refund…
Paid one month of my mortgage…
Just got an alert from eBay… 31 items have been posted to me…
I must have bought them between wood working videos…
And my car registration has been out of date for a month now…
Almost lost the internet a few times, should really pay the bill soon…
At least I’ll be getting all the eBay stuff next week… :+1:
But by then I’ll probably have a completely different project, and won’t need that stuff any more.
It’s 2:32am and I should sleep, but I’ve just got one more video to watch…



I’m taking statistics for the third time…



What ADHD?!



… my old boss gave me permission to make and throw paper planes in meetings to stop me getting too bored.



My ADHD is so bad that sometimes when I’m driving somewhere, I’ll arrive and have no memory of getting there. Then I start questioning if I’m even still alive, or if I crashed and died and that’s why I can’t remember.



My ADHD is so bad that right now I can’t even focus long enough to think of anything so bad about my ADHD, and that’s not a joke :joy:



My ADHD is so bad that even though I am leaving for the airport in six hours I still haven’t packed anything and right now I am at the bar singing karaoke and doing shots. Lol



What are the chances of that? :joy:



My ADHD is so bad that…
I’m not supposed to be here. The most time it takes me to do homework is never (but usually around 2 hours for one piece), and then I usually forget to bring it.



AGHH me tooo and there’s so much bad about it right now…



My ADHD is so bad that I made it through my bachelor’s degree in social work and half of a master’s degree and then quit because I met a guy and rationalized that I could finish in Minnesota where the love of my life lived. Then I had too much fun riding around with him and never tried to get into another school. Then I married him and we started having kids and my career slipped away, along with my dreams to be a play therapist.

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My ADHD is so bad that I never want to
give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you.

So call me, maybe? :wink:



Baby I’m sorry (I’m not sorry). I’m too busy blessing the rains down in Africa.

What were we talking about again?



My ADD is so bad that…

I am on a plane on the way home right now and I am so bored that I am twirling my hair incessantly just so I have something to do.

Only two hours to go…



This! I just talked to my Dr about this last week. If I’m not actually “doing” something, my brain shuts down and I feel instantly sleepy. Like, can’t hold my eyes open sleepy. My spouse is all like “I don’t get it, driving should be engaging enough for you to focus.” Yeah, that’s a hard no. Half of the time, I’m not sure how I made it from A to B.



If you’re not the type to find driving exciting, fun, or interesting, of course you can’t focus…!:sweat_smile:

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