My brain is getting harder to handle and I'm not sure what to do

So I’m not diagnosed with ADHD but I suspect it (just thought that was necessary backstory). I’m usually able to have the 2 day deadline when my work is done be enough. And I’m used to a bad working memory and attention but not this bad. I tried doing work for 20 mins and I couldnt focus so I got none of it done and just have up because it was overwhelming me. I’m not sure what I can do because I cannot just stop getting work done. I can work on the work during lunch because I have a certain time limit which feels like a deadline, but I cant do it unless it between working. What should I do?

Update: I’m going to try pomordo but I have to stop in 50 mins to do other work because I have to stay on schedule. I’m already overwhelmed though

Update 2: I tried starting pomordo but I’m to overwhelmed but the work is due tommorow


What’s holding you back from being diagnosed? You might get the help you need, whether it is tools or medicine or both.

Have you tried something to calm you while you work? You are getting scared of not finishing because you can’t focus and then the nerves overwhelm your ability to concentrate on the task at hand. Try a stress ball while you are thinking or calming, wordless music in the background, pacing while you are thinking…whatever relieves you’re nervousness so you can actually think.


Anxiety is holding me back

Ok thanks for the ideas


Bring support with you to talk to someone about getting diagnosed. Or to the testing. Whatever is giving you anxiety. Ask the person who would get you the testing what it is like so you aren’t so anxious about it because you kind of know what to expect.

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I’m nervous I don’t have it and have no reason. To be like this

You know what? You are who you are because that is the way you were made. A diagnosis isn’t going to change who you are, but it could give you assistance that you need. A “stamp” on a paper is only going to change things for other people, maybe just in what they are allowed to do for you. And we all accept you here no matter what they say and will try to help you either way. It can only end in a positive way.


Ok (: thank you

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I’m going in to doc in 2 hours and I am super nervous for the same thing.

I don’t know if it will work for you or not, but its helped me just to take stock of the situation. What is the worst case scenario here? Seems to me it’s that I find out I don’t have ADHD and am better equipped to find ways to overcome these challenges because I know the truth.

The truth can only set you free if you know it!

and like @Cubmaster_Heather said, you are accepted here no matter what they say.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Yeah it helps a bit, thanks (:


Hi. I am not diagnosed with ADHD and I have not talked to anyone about it. I’m not even sure I should be on this chat because… I feel like I’m not supposed to struggle.i was never able to focus, but it wasn’t so bad when I was young as I was really smart.and there were only 4 subjects. I didn’t struggle as much. But when I went to secondary,the problem exploded. I now had 9 subjects and my grades went down. I am now failing. A lot. I have never talked to another brain before though, only neurotypicals.i have done A LOT of research but wanted to hear it from u guys:what do you think I should do?


I’m not even sure I should be on this chat because…

There are no shoulds here . . . only people . . . exploring, learning, supporting, and being kind to each other . . . “brains” or “neurotpicals” . . . So welcome and stay as long as you like!



I would reccomwnd fidgets and trying to be over organized and music

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