My brain is too fast for processing

I noticed a long time ago that my thoughts are really fast. Like I’ll be having a conversation about breakfast and suddenly I’m talking about the hurricane hitting Louisiana. In my thoughts I went from breakfast to coffee to the awesome coffee I had in Cancun to Cancun being in recovery while I was there after a hurricane hit to current events of the hurricane hitting Louisiana. It all seems logical to me, but it’s very confusing to others.

Also, I realize I have to slow down my thoughts to put them into words. It’s like I feel and see my thoughts in flashes and then have to translate them to words. I lose so many thoughts trying to articulate them and I can’t write fast enough. I’m newly diagnosed so I’m still experimenting with medication.

If I need to super focus in a day I drink Redbull. It’s like it either slows down my brain or speeds up my processing so they’re on mostly equal levels. It’s like Redbull induced tunnel vision. Yeah kinda like that. No question. Just sharing my experience.


For neurotypical people, stimulants like caffeine amp them up.

From what I understand, for people with the Hyperactive and Impulsive traits of ADHD, stimulants excite the brain on a way that helps to focus better. Maybe like bridling a horse, the horse can still run fast, but the bridle helps you to steer the direction it’s going.

Dr. Ned Hallowell uses the example of “the ADHD brain is like a car with a Ferrari engine and bicycle brakes, it’s hard to control on the turns if the brakes aren’t strong enough”. He has ADHD, and says he’s part of the 20% of people that medication doesn’t work effectively for, so he treats his ADHD with coffee (caffeine).

I myself am Inattentive-only, so caffeine helps perk me up, like it does for neurotypical people. I’m not outwardly active, but my brain never seems to rest (wandering, daydreaming, easily distracted). I’ve recently cut way down on caffeine (drinking a 3/4 decaf, 1/4 regular coffee blend) because it was having a negative effect.


I love the horse analogy. I’m on my 2nd antidepressant for ADHD. I have a feeling we’ll be switching to stimulant medication at our next meeting. I quit drinking coffee and caffeine a while back to help balance my hormones. I only drink Redbull when I need to hunker down and focus.

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I don’t feel the same (that my brain is too fast) but everyone I know tells me that I should feel that way. I am, basically, faster than them at a lot of things, and this evidently means that they need me to slow down so that they don’t feel bad about how slow they are. What I can’t do, is, get down to their level. I hope you aren’t telling yourself that you need to slow down, merely because your speed currently doesn’t match the speed of the people you’re surrounded by. My biggest experience with ADHD, the main over-arching concept, has always been, that the REST of the world is conspiring to prevent me from being happy or productive. It’s not a problem with ME, it’s a problem with THEIR DEMAND that I BE LIKE THEM.

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It works the other way, too. I noticed a while ago that I have a habit of thinking in words even when I don’t really need to verbalize. The reason I noticed that was that I kind of felt slowed down by it. On the other hand, it helps me focus on a thought long enogh to take hold.

If I let free associations flow, I still mentally verbalize but I don’t get past the beginnings of sentences. “what if I do… but then this … or I could … oh, and… okay, three Options : One, and secondly, but also, third, this.” But they’re all complete thoughts. It’s just that my internal dialogue doesn’t keep up.

I get more coherent after a few (not too many) beers which is tragic because the people I drink with … don’t.

Music helps, too. I’ve described it as giving the distractable part of my brain something to play with so the part that has to work can focus on that. It’s more about focus in general, really, but that includes focussing on that thought I had half a minute ago.

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That’s been my experience all along, way before I ever heard of ADHD. But yeah, in a lot of ways it was probably about that.


It could be a trait of dyspraxia and : orr dyslexia and / or ADHD .