My brain just randomly stops working sometimes, any advice?

Sometimes I do this thing where after doing a bunch of homework (or chores), I go to do another thing and I physically can’t do it. It’s like my brain just stops. I might be in the middle of a math problem and halfway through, I just stop and forget everything I just did, and then I cant bring myself to do it again no matter how hard I try. Is there anything I can do about this?


It happens, it is okay, and that’s your brain’s way to tell you “I don’t see what i will get from it”.

You can try to persuade it that you will get some dopamine source from this activity, somehow and somewhere. Or, well, drop the thing. It’s not always a right way, but it’s a way nonetheless.

When i was a student, i constantly had A and F. I easily solved what was interesting, and dropped all that wasn’t. In the end the overall grade was just about what’s necessary to progress further to freedom from that ten year sentence. Can’t say it made me illiterate or failure of a man.
Your mileage may vary though, we are probably living in different societies.

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You’re not alone, I have this too and it drives everyone crazy because I just stop functioning. Hang in there. I don’t have a solution but I just dropped in to tell you you’re not alone.


thanks :slight_smile:

I also experience this. My brain just runs out of steam. I describe it as having a lack of mental stamina. I can only go so far with some things before my brain shuts down. The problem is that it’s really hard/feels impossible to get going again- even in another direction. I just get wiped out!

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