My experience with the ADHD medication

Hello everyone, so I’ve been taking my ADHD medication for 2 months now, and I finally have a sense of what are the effects of the medication on my life. since I’ve started I’ve been trying to notice the differences that the medication had on my life and let me tell you it is very difficult to know as a newbie to the treatment I failed to notice anything different in me or the way I function, other than the obvious side effects that I got when I started to like the dimensioning appetite, insomnia, euphoria I didn’t notice anything different, well till I did.

People told me that the euphoric feeling is what gets people addicted to ADHD medication or stimulant meds which I was on. but to be completely honest with you guys it felt unnatural and uncomfortable to me, I felt like I wasn’t being myself and I acted really strange like I’m an introvert person normally but in the first week of taking the meds I felt like going out and talking to people, telling them how I felt, and there was like no limit to what I wanted to share with people. in my head, I knew that “ohhhh boy you’re going to regret this later”, but at that time I didn’t care the overwhelming sensation was too much to control, also I felt depressed for a few hours after 6 hours of taking the medication, thankfully this went away after a week and I was back in control, even the other side effects went away as well, and this is the time when I started to see the difference in the quality of life.

After 2 weeks of starting the medication, I got a new project because I work as a freelancer I don’t always have work or tasks to do, maybe that is why I didn’t notice the effects of the medication earlier, you guys won’t believe what happened, usually sitting down and starting to work on a project I was given or starting a task that wasn’t really really urgent took a lot of energy just to convince my brain to start working and not getting sidetracked or distracted, but not this time around, I felt more energized, focused, and I had the ability to complete everything that was asked of me in a record time, the client was amazed at how well I did the job, and how professional everything was, I mean to be honest, I was a really afraid that the meds were going to strip my brain of all its power, that I won’t be as creative or as fast as I once was, and that is totally not true, to give you an example of the difference, my brain felt like I was driving a Ferrari with no steering wheel, I had so much brain power but I couldn’t focus all that power into what I wanted to do so a lot of my energy was spent into trying to focus or convincing myself to start in the first place, and I felt so spent at the end of the day, but after I started the treatment it was like I finally have the steerign wheel to my Ferrari, it was easier to focus on what to do, and I didn’t loose any brain power in the process I was just as fast and as creative as ever. also, it is worth mentioning that my impulses became much easier to control, especially my impulse purchases at least now I’m able to control my financial situation more sensibly after my impulse purchases wreaked havoc on my bank account it is not by any means gone or easy to control but I feel more in control of them and I was able to reduce my spending on unsensible stuff substantially after starting the treatment and therapy, and the cherry on top of the cake is that my mood swings are less extreme and now they fall into a more manageable range, in contrary to before when I would go from 0 to 100 and then back to -100 in the matter of a few hours, now I feel way more stable emotionally.

to summarise my experience, starting the meds helped reduce the intensity of the ADHD symptoms from extreme to manageable, and I think that this helped me get the benefit from therapy sessions, in my experience, all the behavioral managing methods that the therapist and I discussed during our session wouldn’t have worked or to be more precise wouldn’t be as effective if not for the help of the meds.

If somebody wants my advice, in the end, I would advise everyone who was diagnosed or suspect that they have ADHD to seek out professional help as soon as possible, it is really a life changer for you guys on every level, and after discussing this with your doctor, of course, I’m in no means a specialist, you should always partner the medication with therapy to maximize the effect of both. of course don’t forget to stay curious and keep walking the road of self-exploration, some of the stuff I discovered about myself and how I function were bewildering really.

I hope you guys benefit from my experience, I wanted to share what I’m going through to help support other ADHD brain and to learn and benefits from your experiences too, I’m looking forward to hearing your experiences as well. I really love you all and I’m so grateful that I discovered this wonderful community.

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