My father’s narcissistic personality disorder , likely ASD

My father has self - inflated opinion of himself, he never communicated with my mother or me. He lacks empathy. My parents separated aged 18. I think he has ASD, because he is very naive .
He has a short fuse.
He does things , I would not do.
I have dyspraxia, ADHD and aspergers traits.
My mum’s family are neuro typical.
Could my father’s neurodiverse condition come from my far left, we cannot be 100% correct ?

My father got a PhD in electrical engineering, he was a lecturer in Electrical Engineering in the local university.


Very interesting! Just goes to show you a person can be brilliant and achieve great things in his or her profession, yet still be a very difficult person to live with!



This brings to mind the classic “nature vs nurture” debate.

  • How much of ourselves (personality and capability) is determined by our genes?
  • How much was trained into us by others (parents & guardians, teachers & mentors, siblings & peers, etc) or by our own choices?

Narcissistic and other socially negative traits can be compensated for, as one researcher discovered. (James Fallon discovered that he had both genes that contribute to psychopathy, and he had brain scans that are similar to criminal psychopaths. He was a successful researcher and loving family man, but he admitted to knowingly engaging in activities they put himself and others close to him at risk in his early life.)