My favorite writing app

I wanna take a minute to praise this app bc it has been so very helpful in my life. You can put basically infinity folders inside of other folders, which makes keeping things catagorized super easy. Have a folder for your notes about observations, have a folder for your favorites with subfolders for favorite foods with subfolders for favorite Italian foods with subfolders for your favorite pastas!

Use a variety of tools to make your text bold or italicized or a number of different sized headers, even make indented lists using numbers, periods, or dashes.

I just find it so incredibly useful, but the best and most important feature is that everything you type saves automatically. No more oopsies when you forget to press save. If you’ve been looking for a super simple writing organization app with minimal distracting features and infinity potential for folders, look no further! It could not be easier to use and has made it so easy for me to keep track of stuff. I hope some other brains can find its simplicity and ease of use as helpful as I have!

(Edit to mention that transferring files from one device to another can be time consuming due to the app not having online storage. If your files are important to you, I suggest periodically backing them up manually to a computer or other storage device.)


I tried that app a while back (a few years ago, I’m sure). Is forgotten about it.

I think I was using it on an iPod Touch at the time, or maybe my first smartphone. Whatever device it was, it didn’t have enough memory or a big enough screen.

I’ll give it another try.