My first meet with Psychiatrist and hey says it's a mix of Attention Deficit and Hyper activity symptoms with more Asperger Syndrome.



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My 1st ever meet with Psychiatrist couple of hours ago was satisfactory. Initially, I filled the form then he started asking me about me based on referral letter from my GP. I explained him about my Bachelors and Masters Uni life, mostly about my research projects and living. Incidents triggered depression and anxiety to peak. However at end of the session he told me that he can find symptoms of Attention Deficit with more Asperger signs. Though I mentioned that I have been observing mood swings with anxiety and hyper activity, he said those are signs of it, but he can not confirm about any kind of disorder in just one session (which makes sense). I have next session on Dec-20th, 2018. I was surprised on his silence about my hyperactivity, he said “we will see that in next session, I still have to know more about you. I hope you understand. I can not prescribe any medication until a complete assessment is done.”

I have been through Asperger symptom’s and they are very accurate too.

Is this how it goes ? Have anyone been to something similar. Could you please share your experience and any suggestions ?