My forgetfulness is frustrating me!


Hello there.
I want to tell you guys something that happened to me recently.

I am a medical student and my annual exams are gonna start from next Friday. So this happened. Just few days ago, I realized that my exams are gonna start from December 7 and not December 17 (which I have been telling everyone around lately). So I got lazy at the start of my preparation holidays and turns out I lagged behind a whole week! Yes, there is so much to cover from the syllabus, but this huge blunder is making me question if I am going to be a safe doctor in the future! I am so frustrated over this.

Medical sciences along with physics have been my passion from since I don’t know when. I need help on how to not get into trouble. I would manage such incidents in the past before but I don’t want to mess up my medical college.


I studied as a Nurse but failed every unit due to not having good time management I’m not diagnosed ADHD but I am being tested in a few days, i cant fully understand your stress but I can understand how stressful the medical field can be, I wish you the best for all your studies. Sorry I’m no help but I thought you could use some encouragement :slight_smile:


So happy to hear from you Keirra. I’m not diagnosed with ADHD yet but will get tested after my exams. Thanks for the encouragement. :slightly_smiling_face:


Don’t read too much into making mistakes. Forget about it and do your utmost to prevent like events from occurring in the future. Following patients is WORLDS apart from prepping for exams. You will be a fine practitioner.
As they say in the old country, “FORGET ABOUT IT!”


Same here! I was one in my room, and I was doing some artsy things, and I thought “hey, I need the scissors.” And in the time it took me to walk from my bedroom to the living room (which is next door!) I had forgotten what I needed. Now obviously, this is NOT as serious as a medical exam, but I thought it might help you.