My fun car helps me focus on driving, but I want a camping friend;y car too...

So I’ve always loved driving. Like, LOVE driving. I love to drive my little sports car up the canyons near home and I love being able to row through my manual gearbox as I fly up the onramp to the highway. This has always helped me to focus on driving, as the excitement of driving gives me the novelty necessary to focus better. I used to get speeding tickets, but I haven’t had one in many years now since I’m super cautious now due to past experiences and not wanting expensive insurance haha.

However lately, I’ve been tempted to get a truck or SUV so I can do some backcountry camping, another passion of mine. The problem is, my sports car can’t reach many places I want to go, and I feel like a truck or suv won’t be as engaging to drive and will rob me of that attention on the road, and may even cause me to impulsively buy another sports car after haha.

Has anybody else encountered something similar? I can only own one car right now. What would be a good compromise to have something fun to drive to engage my mind, while also allowing me the freedom to go camp in remote places?


Hello, and welcome.

I have no other qualification for this other than snap or synchronicity, and I live in Australia, so keepn it short.

I’m in the process of getting a used Subi (Subaru) Outback AWD, goes most places (a bit short on ground clearance, but AWD!) you’ll probably want the boxer 6 or turbo diesel (more horses same weight). Note that this is more of a family car, if off roading/rally style then WRX AWD might be the go, supposedly there’s a new one coming next year.

My only concern is that having told you this you’ll go down unfamiliar tracks and get yourself hurt. So do what the pros do, and make sure you familiarise yourself with the track conditions first, every time, you go out.

got to go …

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A lot of cars will actually handle pretty well in dirt or gravel road situations and can get you to places you want to go for camping. Even little sedans. That being said, there are lots of crossovers and SUVs that can do the trick, and they usually have good sound systems and entertainment options so they can be more comfortable.

I personally have a Jeep Wrangler that can get me to places but I don’t take advantage of it very often. It is very comfortable and has good sound, but since it has a removable top it can get loud and also it’s a bit of a rough ride. I’d say if you’re used to comfort you’d definitely want to go with something more like a crossover or smaller SUV.


How about a Toyota Tacoma? They come with a standard transmission. Road clearance is pretty good. I used to drive a Toyota T-100, the precursor to the Tundra. Had a 5 speed manual transmission and Low and High 4-wheel option using a manual lever. Wasn’t a race horse, but it got me where I wanted to go off road. And I relate to your preference to plow through the gears!

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