My house is noisy, but that's a good thing

Ah, the delightful (but loud) sounds of children playing!

My two youngest kids will be moving across the country with their mom soon. They are the same ages as my grandkids, and so they are a fierce foursome who were basically born as best friends.

This will be one of the last times these kids get together for a long time. Until now, I think that the longest they have been apart was for 3 months early in the pandemic.

I know there gonna miss each other terribly, but right now they are able to forget about that, as they just get to be themselves.


It’s a beautiful chaos. I don’t normally appreciate it, but right now I’m trying hard to moderate my normal desire for a peaceful house in the evening after work.

I watch these kids just being themselves, and it makes me wish we could all feel so free, to not feel like we have to be a certain way. These guys don’t have a lick of Imposter Syndrome between the lot of them! (I hope they never have to go through that, but this world being what it is, at least one of them is likely to. I pray that they don’t!)

Of course, I still have to be parental and try to keep the noise levels below the “disturbing the peace” red-line on the noise-o-meter. (Wish me luck! :joy:)


One day my home will be quiet. One day my home will be clean. I won’t spend half the day cooking.

How sad that day will be.

I hear people complain about their kids and how they are being worn out by them. I have five kids, my husband works from home and I take care of my mother in law in our home as well. I can wait for the quiet and the peace because it will mean they are no longer here in my home with me. What’s 20 years? I love them and the rest can wait.



Yeah. The grandkids are gone now. The house has become unusually quiet.

All evening, I was feeling a sort-of joyful-melancholy, or a nostalgia-in-advance. (If that makes any kind of sense…)

One thing I know about myself is that I have complicated emotions. I’m always feeling a combination of at least three emotions, in layers, crisscrossing each other, and swirling around.

(Feeling very poetic and philosophical at the moment.)

All of you out there with families, treasure them!


you write about your family with such love and affection. it is a joy to see.

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Thank you.

I knew from a very young age that I wanted to have a family, and I feel blessed to have the family that I have.