My intro

Hi my name is Kartik
I am from new delhi , India
My younger brother has autism
I was diagnosed with adhd in my childhood since i was a pretty hyperactive and aggressive kid who , so yea I didn’t had any Friends in my school as well infact people used to make fun of me.
Later my parents got me medication so that i can keep up with my studies and yes it did helped me to focus on my studies but not really with getting exposure towards others parts of life like socialising with others
My younger brother being autistic i tend to go to school and then stay at home take care of my brother since i didnt even had any Friends so it wasn’t even really big deal .
Now that I’ve completed my school and going for graduation and finally getting some exposure
I realised that i haven’t experienced anything in my life like people around me tend to go to parties
Do alcohol and drugs
I felt so bad i couldn’t even keep up a conversation with anyone , i was not funny ( still i am not interesting btw )
And later i found out my mom was cheating on my dad
And impulsively without thinking about anything i told my dad about it
after which there was nothing but chaos in my family my brother went to a hostel with other special kids
And i use weed to keep myself calm
Now that my parents used to fight all the time
Like even when i wake up in the morning there they was fighting , shouting at each other
After graduation i found a job at a call centre
Have a girlfriend who is my neighbor and her parents hate me
And trying to distract my mind from my parents who are constantly fighting all the time
It was the first month of job
I was with my girlfriend searching finally for an appartment to finally make something positive of my life and the same day at the time i was with my girlfriend i get a call that my dad had an heartattack , HE DIED, then things got worse
Again !!
Now i am addicted to weed, i am jobless,
I just feel like a loser :frowning:


It’s okay to acknowlege the struggles you’ve faced. You’ve dealt with a large amount of stress and loss, from the loss of stability in your family to the loss of your father. It’s important to know that so much of it isn’t your fault. Life happens, and we are sometimes left trying to heal from it.

I’m glad you’ve found our community here. Hopefully you get some help and support and find ways to be compassionate toward yourself and keep moving forward. Think about your goals for yourself, your life, and your recovery. I’m sure you can achieve those along the way.


Feeling and being are not the same. Stick around here and see how it goes . . . WELCOME!