My parents agreed for psychiatric counselling 🤗

Probably the only test I will pass in the last 2 years. Well, I’m happy that I won’t be doubted and held guilty. I don’t know what the future holds.


So glad that they agreed. I’m hoping for the best outcome from the it.

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The psychiatrist asked about my personal history and experience with this adhd. But I didn’t guessed that counseling will last only for 20-30 min. He gave me the DSM 5 criteria to let him know the severity of each symptom. They said yes you most probably have adhd but the results will depend upon the effectiveness of medications. If they’ll work then I’m adhder and if they work negatively then I’ll have to get diagnosed for other conditions. They gave me Adderall for 1 month with a warning to not skip even 1 day after starting medication. The dose is 10mg. I thought they’ll doubt me much but that wasn’t the case. The pile of criticism I got from my family before I got counseled by a psychiatrist was useless. Today will be my first day on meds I’m excited about it😊 But when I’ll able to say I’ve ADHD for real?

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Just halfway through the ADHD medications effective period and I’m already feeling soooooo great. I don’t even need anti-depressants I think. Just being able to do what I wish is so much for me. Well, I can’t help the restless leg syndrome much but it didn’t bother me as the surface of my soul was clear, just right, and attentive. I’m very eager to tell what I feel. I felt somewhat sleepy (because of the great relaxation I felt) but of course, I wasn’t able to sleep because of it’s a stimulant. I’m happy in nutshell.

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ADHD is so hard on your self-esteem. We all think we should just be able to DO things like “everyone else”, so when we can’t or don’t it’s easy to blame ourselves. It’s even easier if the people around us who should be supporting us are blaming us, or telling us how easy it would be if we would just try.

That’s why I think it’s really important to treat ADHD along with or even before some other issues. I’m not surprised that ADHD meds are helping your general mental outlook. Do tell your Dr if you’re having trouble sleeping. There are other meds or different ways of taking them that might help.