My spirit animal is tigger



the wonderful thing about tiggers is tiggers are wonderful things! But the wonderful thing about tiggers is I’m the only one, wa hoo.


Long before I was diagnosed, people have compared me to Tigger.

When I was very little, my mother took me to see Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too in the theater. When we got home, I started sobbing. My mother asked me what was wrong and I said “Rabbit made Tigger stop bouncing!” She reminded me that Tigger started bouncing again at the end of the movie and everyone accepted him, but I was still upset about Rabbit shaming Tigger. As an adult, I was telling some friends that story, and my brother added “And you’ve been fighting Rabbits on behalf of Tiggers ever since.”


Having an “OMG I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE” moment!
I was compared to Tigger a lot too. :joy: I never did notice when Tigger would be criticized for his bouncing but I could have also been blocking it out for my own sanity. But yeah! I still love Tigger and love identifying with him. :joy: