My Story

Hello Brains, who else here is moderately Deaf, has moderate fine motor skills Cerebral Palsy, has ADHD, was born premature, and died around 10 times. All at birth.

Only me, well that’s ok.

I’m Sasha, I have combined ADHD and I love DND, puzzles and board games.
I’m from Sydney, Australia, still in school, and even though I’ve been shunned out of every social group in my school except for a few peeps (don’t know how that happened), I still am probably the most unique individual in my grade.

Also, if you ever need a shoulder to cry on, or someone to talk to, I’ll be there.

I would really like to make some more ADHD friends, so reach out, don’t hesitate.

And if you’re still reading this, after everything else, good job making it to the end, and have a very nice day☺️.

(Now that reminds me, I’m wanting to make a bullet journal, is it worth the effort?)


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Thanks :+1:


welcome to this adhd tribe… I’m sure u will love it here


I have dyspraxia, ADHD and aspergers traits .
My fine motor skills , including my coordination is probably my greatness weakness . I can relate !

I am of Middle a Eastern origin. I have 3 cousins in Australia. One is a doctor in Sydney, one is a doctor in Melbourne , one is a psychiatrist in Queensland !


Thank you very much :blush:



Hope you’re doing well.


I am doing ok.

I am taking ADHD medication, Concetra.

I am more relaxed and calmer than earlier this year . I got a diagnosis of ADHD in August !

You might have dyspraxia, , it can overlap with ADHD !


Welcome to the HowToADHD forums @Phoenax!

It’s always good to have another member of tribe join us here :grin:

Given your description of yourself, I’d say that you are definitely unique, and that’s always a good thing to be here!

I go by J.D. here, and I got diagnosed earlier this year at 45 years old. I’m a dad and a granddad, I work information technology at a university (though I haven’t graduated college myself), and I live in the northwest USA.

  • Even though I fit in pretty well with my neurotypical peers in my youth, and was generally well liked, I also had only a few close friends in school. I was much more introverted then, so I wasn’t very sociable anyway.

There are some very diverse people here on the forums, so I’m sure you’ll fit right in!


Cool, I’m glad to be part of such a welcoming community. :grin:


Hey Sasha,
Welcome! My daughter is Sacha, she died or almost died a dozen times in her first 4 years, was 8 weeks prem and less than 2lbs at birth, has a rare form of dwarfism, probably adhd mixed into her dyspraxia, motor-planning disorder and id, and loves puzzles and games!

My bujo is awesome for daily tasks, reminders, journaling, and affirmations. I’d say give it a try.


Thank you, I sure will.

Do you have any recommendations about which journal to get?


I hate structured diaries, planners etc, so I started with this:


… not me lol.

You can always come here we turn no one down.

Does not matter if you are different.

I just have not had enough to put in it.


Thanks :+1: I really hope to learn some stuff about myself.


I’m from Europe, just was diagnosed and I’m 40 already.
I’m a manager by specialty, so until now I figured out how to fix many aspects of my life.
being a manager, when something didn’t lead to your goal, you look at how to fix this, what to change, create a structure, a methodology, take control etc.
It works well in many aspects of life, I’m not losing staff, I’m organized, I’m a good planner etc.
The bad part, all these habits, hide the actual problem.
And to keep them requires a lot and a lot of mental/emotional work.

Running my own business, as I’ wasn’t good at staying for more than a few months as an employee.

Of causes a lot of struggles, but I’m not sure if I’ll take medications.
I get used to my personality, have a wonderful wife, who understands me, kinds who love how I’m teach and play with them, so I’m afraid of:

  1. change my personality
  2. lose my strengths (creativity, no fear of new things, out of the box solutions).

Doing a lot of sport, gym & cycling (5/7 days). Ultra-endurance cycling teaches us a lot about how to do long term projects.
Usually on Low carb food, sometimes keto diet, sometimes fasting.

I’m in IT (not a developer), founded a small company, work mostly as a Product manager, and HUGELY enjoy startups.

A good tip is when you need to do something, do it quickly before you get bored :slight_smile:
Don’t work on your own, create a team with your wife, as well crate teams at work. Remember at what you are good, and at what you need help.
And apologize often :slight_smile:


Welcome to a good place!

You are, as is everyone (even “identical” twins) one-of-a-kind . . . unique. But I can relate to being ADHD, born premature, and almost not surviving (got pneumonia while in the incubator). While being 2 months premature now-a-days is not so concerning . . . I was born in 1946 and back then it was quite likely that I would not have survived.

So while we are generations apart and oceans apart . . . we are both “Brains” . . . as is the saying here!

Wishing you only the best!



Thanks Barry for all the support. :blush:


You’re most welcome . . .