My tools

Google calendar to organise myself kids and wife.

gTasks to make an organised list, in order of everything I have to do in a day.
gTasks also contain other list and sub lists of organised project I have going on at the moment. And it’s on the cloud!


This so cool!! It seems really handy and organized, this is on google right?

yes it is

Google Calendar is my saving grace. I’ll have to add gTasks, that looks amazing! Thanks!


It’s great! I like how I can easily move tasks up and down my list.


I use googlecalendar as my calendar too, but for my tasks I guess I need gamification. I love Habitica and it helps me to organize my daily routines (I sorted my Dailies and do them in exactly that order), my problem is, that I have at the moment Dailies for over 30 hours. And I don’t know how I should cut a few of them so I can put it in 24 hours.