NaNoWriMo with ADHD



Hello Brains!

I am doing NaNoWriMo this month, hoping to finish off a novel of my very own and of course something that is difficult for normal people is doubly difficult for Brains. It is so easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of words, pages, ideas streaming through my head, and feeling like I’m never up to it.

Anyone else here, deep in the novel ditches with me? Shall we storm the enemy of procrastonation together?


The first time I did Nanowrimo was in 2013. I was able to finish my novel on time because I was so ON IT. The whole month of November I breathed, ate and lived Nanowrimo because of the novelty of it. I was so laser- focused in my head there was no space for anything else plus I was feeling very lousy at that time therefore I had a lot to say. Be careful though because not managing hyperfocus periods effectively actually leads to a terrible crash of energy that I had to spent the whole month of December recovering from it. That’s why I haven’t been able to do it again.


Yeah, I’ve been a writer for a while and previous written work is sometimes done under hyperfocus. But now I’m attempting to find the “do it” without the “overdoing it” and not slipping into the “I’ll do it later” problem


Yeah I totally get you. I’m a freelance writer and It’s been very difficult to have a structured method to beat procrastination, especially when the Topic I need to write about is Boring as hell. For me adrenaline of being close to the deadline has been the only thing that boost that writing mode for these situations. Hope we learn better strategies to cope with this.


Yes, and what is worse, is when I hyperfocus how much people tend to go “I wish I could do that” because i end up sitting and writing for 15-20 hours, without stopping. Which sounds great, but has some serious fallout.


Oh dear lord. A novel in a month might kill me. Actually, I don’t know if the deadline would kill me or make me focus on getting it done. I tend to hyperfocus on tiny details in my writing. I can spend a week moving words around on a single page.


I’ve tried to get into NaNoWriMo a few times now and it just never sticks :frowning: I did write a (terrible) mini-novel once when I was a kid. Still not sure how I managed to focus long enough to do that.


It helps me, but I think part of the help is knowing other people are also there. When I’m only accountable to me I struggle to write, I get so hung up on its perfectionism but when others are like “words count” I get the work done so I can come back later and fidget until its perfect.


Writing is hard, especially focusing long enough. The first novel I attempted too write was a 253 000 word tangent through fantasy troupes that followed little sense.


Might be interesting to give that a shot


I wouldn’t dare attempt such an undertaking. I cant begin to attempt to try we ish my focus issues


I did it this year and actually finished a week early! I found pretty much attempting to write at any available moment helped. Like on the bus to work was my favourite time as it helped pass the time I would normally be getting bored for haha! Unfortunately I haven’t been able to write since I completed NaNo which is very frustrating!