Need Advice on Linux


So, my Windows 7 PC is giving me death rattles. I’m planning to do a complete rebuild and switch over to Linux because I can’t stand Windows 8 or 10. But I need to know what distribution of Linux will be optimal for writing music with a DAW but will also play Windows video games.




Ubuntu derivatives are gonna be the easiest for most things simply due to the fact that most programs that wave around “We have a native linux build!” are building for that. Of that thread, Mint (last I heard) is the better of them.

I have suse because that’s the branch my father decided he liked and installed and made the default OS and I am. Not up for putting in the effort to switch over to a new OS. It’s a giant PIA when it comes to getting new software, so I do not recommend it. But it does run Steam!

In theory, you can use WINE to run windows games. But this is not optimal. So again, Ubuntu branches are the best bet because again, most linux builds will be for those. And thanks to Steam, a lot more games are getting linux native builds. A lot of AAA titles however, are still windows only, so if you can get a dual-boot set up, you may need a native windows install to get some games to run.