Need Advice on Linux

So, my Windows 7 PC is giving me death rattles. I’m planning to do a complete rebuild and switch over to Linux because I can’t stand Windows 8 or 10. But I need to know what distribution of Linux will be optimal for writing music with a DAW but will also play Windows video games.


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Ubuntu derivatives are gonna be the easiest for most things simply due to the fact that most programs that wave around “We have a native linux build!” are building for that. Of that thread, Mint (last I heard) is the better of them.

I have suse because that’s the branch my father decided he liked and installed and made the default OS and I am. Not up for putting in the effort to switch over to a new OS. It’s a giant PIA when it comes to getting new software, so I do not recommend it. But it does run Steam!

In theory, you can use WINE to run windows games. But this is not optimal. So again, Ubuntu branches are the best bet because again, most linux builds will be for those. And thanks to Steam, a lot more games are getting linux native builds. A lot of AAA titles however, are still windows only, so if you can get a dual-boot set up, you may need a native windows install to get some games to run.

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No please do not switch to linux it is a nightmare, most people think that linux is the only free os, but windows is free to if you dont put in the product key. The only diffrence is that you will have a wattermark on your backround, and won’t be able to change the themes or colors, but that is it, and having expereince with both I personolly think that windows is better. When downloading it just set up the instillation media on a usb or dvd/cd. The link to download windows is here
, but if you want to have linux you can put windows on a usb flashdrive, so you can boot from that, or you can do the same with linux, but you need rufus, because you can’t download either of them dirrectly on a hard drive, so here is the link to download that
wow that was allot of info, and i am only in 6th grade

Just because you find Linux difficult to yku doesn’t mean it IS hard to use. And now that Steam is integrating to play games on Linux, it’s easier to switch. Personally, I have both, on different SSD’s, for different things. Lots of good free software for editing sound and video for Linux, also useful to know for various work functions. Most companies use Linux servers (look up Red Hat and the ‘civilian’ version, Fedora).

Oh, and what you might find hard about Linux because you’re a young kid? That’s how EVERYTHING used to have to be done to get computers to work regardless of operating system. Check DOS, MS-DOS, etc. So it’s not that weird, and now they even have interfaces that are similar to Windows and iOS.

I never said i find linux difficult i actually use it as a backup os when a pc fails and some one ask’s me to get there files of there pc i put it on a usb drive, and i am currently working on making my own os with the linux kernel, but on windows more games are available then on linux, and more software such as how on linux mint to download google chrome you have to download the support software made by developers rather than the companny that made linux mint. but i also recorded info on how to install them both onto a usb drive if he wanted it there just for when he wanted to use it instead of the other because of something it offers. in fact i actually do know ms dos and html and i run a coding club at my school with people twice the age as me while i am teaching it to them i have computers with windows 95 i have virtural box i have used ms dos i know what it is im not stupid in fact i probobly know more than you do such as how mac os is a linux distro and how linux the kernel was based of another kernal called unix created for servers in fact that is why big companys use servers oh just wondering do you have any experience with servers either i do i made my own home media server in fact so just because i am young dosen’t mean im stupid

I never said you were stupid, but you do sound supremely arrogant, though…

It’s cool that you know DOS, though. And man, Win95 is nostalgic as hell, used to use that as a kid/teen… Used to play Diablo and Wolfenstein.:sweat_smile:

But Mint isn’t necessarily the best intro to Linux, though. It’s pretty good, but there are better options for getting started from Windows. Consol is still something people need to get used to, though, since most people haven’t used DOS for a loooooong time, except computer nerds like us.:wink:

And I know Linux is based on Unix, developed by Linus from neighboring Sweden, hence the name (it’s a bit more complicated than tat, but no need to clutter the forum with another text wall).

Having a coding club is cool, but don’t be arrogant about it. Stay humble, then you’ll stay a good teacher, and not push people away. When you get to university and see some professors, you’ll know what I mean.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But teaching is fun when it’s something you’re passionate about. Sharing knowledge is always great.:grin::+1:

sorry bought that you are kinda right there but i think if i could go back in time i would make it so vista and windows me never came out what would you do, and how on earth did you know that it was made from unix i thought hardly any one knew that even most computer nerds, and i was using mint as an example because it was the distro i downloaded because it is better than the others for coding

Fair, Mint is pretty decent for coding. But for ease-of-use? There are distros that come pre-installed with lots of software like Chrome or Firefox, etc. The advantage of lots of distros!:grin:

Haha, I love history as well, and since I’m from Scandinavia, it’s pretty cool that Linus comes from our part of the world. But I think most people who are into Linux specifically read up on these things, at least as they get older. Younger (under 20) might not care too much about the origins of Linux, although it’s actually pretty interesting.

Haha, Vista wasn’t THAT bad (wasn’t great at ALL either), and ME, yeah that shouldn’t have happened…:sweat_smile: Still, lots of companies still use it, which is a security disaster waiting to happen…:joy:

how about microsoft bob and you could use untibooth for ease of use that is the one known to be the most user friendly and right now i am downloading the windows 10 download onto a cd because my teachers computer got a corrupt boot file and i am gonna use it for recovory and lol under 20 dont care i am half that age glad i can talk to someone who knows what i am talking abought and dosent think i am speaking giberish

It’s not gibberish, makes sense if you know the background. But most people don’t. Good luck with the recovery! Hope you can get everything back in working order for your teacher. Surprised your school doesn’t have a tech guy to do that stuff, though… Kind of his job…:sweat_smile:

well we did have one and onother student like me came and he is guadarating this year i think the have no idea what they are doing because they instaled clour ready on windows 10 pcs and put on chromium extensions which is an extension that makes the search engine yahoo wich is dome because the school acount are google and they did so they can monitor search histiroy, but they can do it with google and they could hsve gotten a dns server if they wanted to block sites

“clour ready”…? But yeah, a DNS makes way more sense if they want to block content, and who uses Yahoo…?!:joy: Especially of the school uses Google, that makes NO sense…:sweat_smile:

i know so w=I just removed all of the extensions, and i started luaghing because one od the kids said and i quote “what is yahoo”

Ouch, that’s an unintentional burn…:joy::joy:

so i said it is the google before google

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Best description possible, I guess…:sweat_smile:

i mean for a 6th grader

Nah, just in general. Kind of shitty Google before Google existed. Their search algorithm was never that great.

at least you didnt have an ear rape when you wanted to brouse the web conecting to aol
or see disk everywhere you went for a trial of aol

Oh, I was around when modems ran over phone lines… It suuuuuuucked! The noise was horrible, and if anyone needed to use the phone, down went the internet. And not being able to receive calls because you’re online, man, that makes you nervous…