Need Advice on Linux

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gimme a sec i need to test if my recovory disk works

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I feel like I went right from Altavista to Google, Yahoo was so short lived with its usefulness… (Like the short time where I actually used hotmail)

Using an extension to monitor searches seems the most short sighted attempt at not having to buy a net-nanny going. (I mean, hell, if you’re using Win10 there’s already controls you can set to restrict access to sites.

(Also, old-timer nostalgia, anyone else remember OS/2? :grin: /'BMer brat

And the fun of giving someone the BBS’s phoneline knowing they’d get an earful of 14.4 :smiley:

Depends. Ubuntu has a flavour which is perfect for multimedia editing and rendering. However at the moment gaming is limited in Linux Machines. You can play steam OS and Steam is something you can install on most Distros (Fedora based and Ubuntu based). And there are 3rd party games available for Linux distributions too, and thier number is said to increase in the next year. So I would suggest Ubuntu or Mint or Elementary OS.

Check out This video for Gaming on Linux, plus usefull info regarding Linux in general…

Dear Wabbajack (And all ADHDers new to Linux),

The simplest, easiest first approach I’d recommend is: Linux Mint (version LMDE, or 19.1 TESSA Cinnamon Edition)

In contrary to wildly spread misbelief, you don’t need to run command lines in the Terminal all the time (it’s actually rare for average users)

For people coming from Windows, and as a new user in Linux, it is the easiest to install. And easiest user experience. It comes with pre-installed basics.

And you can always Twick it to your needs, and install all needed software from Ubuntu repositories (And all Debian/Linux… etc).

Linux, in general, demands a bit of commitment. But the Mint Distro is easy, and design appealing.

Once install, make sure to activate your firewall (normally auto turned on, but better safe than sorry).
And you may wanna check out how to install your printer’s driver correctly…

As for DAW and Music…
Please refer to:
List 1

Check out the ADHD forum on Linux Gaming

Linux gaming is getting better, but it still has its flaws and bugs, depending what you play this may or may not affect you much. If you have a windows 7, or 8 key it will activate windows 10, which is not bad at all once you use if for longer than a day, they are actually doing what people ask, and you can still access all the setting windows 7 had via the control panel you just have to go to the control panel and not the windows 10 settings. But if you are planning to game look into
PopOs it has built in drivers for nvidia and amd gaming, and its built off ubuntu. It will also walk you thru the steps of getting the vulkan stuff running with steam which can try to run most games a lot better than support had been in the past.

I would switch to linux in a heartbeat if it wasn’t for gaming, I work in I.T. and we are forced to used windows at work for software reasons, but love using linux at home, its just too much work to get things working in linux, and we like to switch games a lot, I do think linux gaming will be a thing in the near future but right now its not to the point of being worth it unless you have enough freetime, and enjoy troubleshooting, or you play very few games.