negative thoughts

Hello, I am a medical student, it is already my second attempt at medical school and at another university, since I was expelled from my first university for not meeting the demand standards, after having 4 years studying in it. I have recurring negative thoughts that all my efforts were in vain and were for nothing. since in this new university they did not want to validate the subjects that I have already taken for 4 years. so I had to start from 0. which keeps me overwhelmed and does not allow me to sleep or fully enjoy any aspect of my life.
I’m still on the run because it’s what I most long for with all my heart, but every day I see it further.


Aloha Carlos,

Thank you for going into the medical industry we truly need more creative, caring, innovative brains in the medical industry!

I’m hearing you explain how you are overwhelmed and lack enjoyment from having to retake courses again. I bet you’ve retained a lot of what you learned the first time around. Are there possibly certain areas you dont know much about that you could try to focus more of your attention on improving your knowledge about, or skillset? Maybe if you’re doing pediatrics for example, you want to focus more on the affects certain ADHD medications have on children’s brains? (Essentially you could create your own research project that you’re interested in, that stems from and incorporates elements from what you’ll be taking again). (Just a thought, something to try, but no pressure, let your brain find what excites it. Maybe you want to even research about the affects depression and anxiety have on others who’ve gone through what you have).

Every instructor has a whole new perspective and hopefully entice you enough to gain more from their class than you likely have from before.

Please do take time for yourself, not just to reflect but to give yourself time to rejuvenate and allow your mind time to heal. Surround yourself with nature when you can, and positivity. I know you can do it! You are brave for going through what you have, and you are making the progress. Don’t stop, keep going, I believe in you!