Neurodivergent Pride



Even though I don’t view my ADHD as a superpower, I still take pride in the fact that I have arrived where I am in life despite my struggles. Part of me has always been a bit of a rebel, wanting to stick it to the system. I’ve currently got a Mohawk, decorations on my hard hat, and plans to grow out and put beads in/braid my goatee. Just wondered what ways other people tend to express their pride in obvious or subtle ways.


me to i am happy to tell someone that I gave ADHD if they ask but before I was SO SO SO SO SHY.


Ooh, you guys are way ahead of me here! I think maybe I need to slightly surer of myself at work before I tell the world. I feel like learning how to deal with my dual diagnosis is still a fairly new ‘work in progress’, so although I am getting more and more open with friends and fellow students, and tutors, I haven’t yet revealed it at job interviews, for example.

Whereas I have casually mentioned my wife in job interviews this year, for the first time (which meant my potential future employer, in both cases at schools with a Christian background, could conclude that I am gay). Both interviewers offered me a job and I had to choose!

(I didn’t specifically plan to talk about my wife but the obvious - to me - answer to a question included mentioning her. I guess it all added to the general picture that I am very open and honest…?)

So yeah, my confidence is growing, and I am pretty sure I will be more open about my dual diagnosis at some point, but I am not there yet. I am also still studying for my second teaching qualification, and having that piece of paper will help as well.