Neurodiverse women sought for jobs...

Such a job is not for me but just in case any UK person here is interested…


Don’t live in UK but that’s good I guess.


Confound it are boys with neurodiversity not good enough? Part of me feels that they’re ticking two boxes in one hire, the other is hopeful that it’s progress to be seen as having a worthwhile talent.


You may be right but even if they are simply ticking two boxes they will benefit immensely from neurodiverse women. As long as they can provide a supporting environment.


. . .I don’t want to be pessimistic, but I’d be afraid that it’s just for their reputation, to cover up some past scandals, perhaps. It could even be the opposite, seeing some of the advertisements from Aldi with the picture of an immigrant woman and offering minimum wage, what kind of message does that convey? :upside_down_face:


I think it is a small step in the right direction.

A few neuro-diverse people would thrive in GCHQ, BAE systems.

If one has only one neuro-diverse condition, the exception, I believe the “system” can handle your profile and your requirements, it is possible to thrive and be successful, it might be the right fit for you and the organisation.

Eg, if one has dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD, ASD traits, the accommodations and adaptations maybe too much for the organisation to enable the person to be hired and become a long - term successful employee.

People are not diagnosed with all their neuro-diverse conditions.

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In my experience, neurodivergent people can be valuable people to have in a work organization, even a typical bureaucracy.

However, my experience also gives me the impression that the people who are drawn to administrative (aka management) positions in bureaucracies tend to be neurotypical, and often not understanding of neurodivergent subordinates.

(Then again, that might just be my experience, but I believe it matches stereotypes in the media of any “odd ducks” in a work organization being pushed to the margins.)


Being in an argumentative mood, I’d argue sometimes it’s a neurodivergent type who having overcome hurdles, or having family help them into positions of power, and by being ultra hard on themselves then manipulates the workplace, world etc. to suit them with little or no regard for either their own shortcomings or the wonderful diversity around them.

I can think of one or two world leaders like that, I’m looking at that “stable genius” as exhibit 1 now I’ll go look in a mirror and check that I’m not culpable of the same.