New ADHD brain


Hi brains! I’m new on this chat so let me tell you a little about myself. I have ADHD and I came here not only to learn about my brain, but to also meet other ADHD brains. I am a Junior in high school. I am a robotics team captain for one of my schools robotics teams. Although, I struggle sometimes with paying attention to certain tasks. Tasks that don’t interest me make me lose focus. I know I am smart, but how can I keep focused on a task?


Welcome to the tribe. fistbump

Instead of using the words that people always use for ADHDers, just think that you are a divergent thinker. Your job is to anticipate that you learn and function different than others. So be mindful about how to plan for that.


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There are a few things here that impressed me…

First, I only ever managed to be the Empty Beer Bottle team captain at my school (once my ADHD took over and my school marks discovered gravity).

Secondly, you have a robotics team? I would have loved that if we’d had anything other than sports at school.

Thirdly, you have MORE THAN ONE robotics team? I had friends with more than one toy robot, but I never knew anyone with a real robot at school. I’ve worked with a few robots since then though.

Tough one. Know your limitations, and what motivates you. If you are motivated, you will succeed. If you have to fight to be motivated, it will be tougher.

Gamification can help. Make a game of everyday things. Keep scores, try to outdo yourself. Use your creativity to try to find ways to trick yourself into being motivated.


For me, Ritalin makes all the difference. I still struggle though. Meditation every day also helps a lot.

I use timers. I do 15 minutes at a time because 25 seems so long and makes me restless. I tell myself that “this is just temporary”. “I just have to do this for a few minutes”.

Nothing works like pressure though - I don’t work WELL under pressure, I just NEED pressure to work.

Accountability is something I need to use to my advantage better.

Getting your phone out of reach and a notepad so you can write any brilliant ideas that cannot wait down on is also a good idea (otherwise I’m prone to start googling them right away).


At work I always carry a notepad. But sometimes I get so fired up that I forget to write things down, and then I have problems. I have to remind myself that just having the notepad in my pocket solves nothing. I have to actually use it. :slight_smile: