New and Full of Anxiety


Hello everyone,

I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was in second grade and I am anxious because I am seriously shy and have never done anything like this. Coupled with ADHD I also have anxiety. Currently I am not taking anything for ADHD but I am taking anti-anxiety medication. To me ADHD is a part of me that not many understand. I live in a toxic household where I am constantly told I am too sensitive and need to do better. My brother once told me that watching How To ADHD was making me think things that I identify with is a lie and I don’t actually have the disorder. It doesn’t help that I always interrupt people talking to me or blurt out things with no thought what so ever. I am also a huge nerd and they can’t understand when I can’t focus on anything but a new book I started or a piece of art I am working on. I guess I’m lost, being told that I don’t have this disorder when I have a diagnosis. I don’t know what to think so I came here. Though I will say it is neat to be here.

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Your not alone. I have a family member who consistently acts like I am crazy because I watch these videos. But what’s funny is this same person calls me a drama queen. The irony is I throw less "fits"than anyone else. However when I do get upset it us much bigger. And my life is a mess at times.(currently as a matter of fact) we can be there for each other and understand what you are talking about. Which can give you the strength and courage to change the things you want to change. Welcome to the tribe


Thank you so much for commenting it is nice to hear that I’m not the only one, though not about your life being a mess also. It is honestly a relief because I feel like I can’t talk about it with people I am close to. Sorry I am really not good at this. :sweat:


@Echo Everyone here totally understands how you feel :slight_smile: I have always been told that I’m too sensitive. So I am right there with you! I find that a journal helps me a lot to get out all the emotions and feelings. I also grew up in a toxic household, so I understand that too. Sometimes people can be just downright mean! However, take heart that when you are an adult you can make your household as fun and nerdy and comforting as you want it to be! We’re here for you :hugs:


You are not too sensitive and you do not need to try better. You are already trying very hard. What you need to understand is what are the triggers to your episodes of anxiety. And what would be assertive ways to let it out. You can learn to handle them, but they will always be part of your life. Welcome to the tribe. You will see, the beauty of this place is that there are so many people who totally get you, because our journeys are very similar.


Hello Echo! Welcome :smiley:

I also have an anxiety comorbidity! :heart: I sympathize greatly.

Also I am so sorry to hear your brother (the rest of your family too?) is being so unsupportive. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about - he doesn’t live your life with your head on his shoulders. It’s hard to ignore, especially coming from family, but he isn’t the professional. You got a diagnosis from someone who is. I wasn’t diagnosed til I was 18, but some people in my life were super unsupportive, much like your brother. And to this day I still sometimes wonder if the professionals are wrong all because I’ve been told how I just need to focus… I need to try harder… “come on it’s not that hard! You can do it!”. But the more I meet others like you, like the other members of this forum, the more I am able to fight off those negative feelings. And I hope it helps you in the same way it helps me. :heart:


Hello @Echo,
I"m new here as well. I’ve always had anxiety and for the past few months have suspected this could be ADHD (inattentive type) - mostly since bumping into the Failing at Normal video.
I only occasionally doubt that I have ADHD (even without a diagnosis). But the important thing I try to remember is this:I try so hard- every time and I still fail at doing regular things. After about the 100th attempt at trying to focus for a test - realized that something is not Ok and this is not normal. Trying to explain this to people who have no clue of what this is like may be a very risky thing sometimes because this makes you question yourself despite the fact that you know yourself better than anyone. Especially if you have anxiety like me you may be full of self-doubt. I try and avoid people who react negatively or rather approach people who can in some way relate to it. It’s off the table for discussion with my family members who don’t understand it.

Hopefully, you will find your tribe here. Take care! :blush:


Hi @Echo! It’s so hard not to just assume it’s all your fault, but I think a lot of it is people not bothering to understand! Both my sisters are dyslexic and real perfectionists, so when I do things quickly, they assume I’m lazy and ‘rushing it’ as they need to take their time and be methodical with tasks. I was only diagnosed 3 years ago and still forget to call people out on it when they accuse me of not listening or not bothering to do something, when actually we should just be as calm as possible and tell them that’s something we struggle with and it would be great if they respected that!
I’m a total bookworm too, my favourites are Harry Potter, Roald Dahl and Angela Carter (yes I know I’m too old for some of them haha). I also love sketching, but even though reading, writing and drawing are my main skills I still often don’t feel good enough to even attempt them, I think we could all benefit from some encouragement and support that we are creative and could do so much if we let ourselves :slight_smile:
sorry for the verbal diarrhoea!


Not believing in adhd is like not believing in a broken leg - the pain is still there


Welcome to the tribe


Sorry that your family does not understand. I hope you are encouraged to get help both for anxiety and Adhd. Being shy is fine, try to read ‘quiet’ by Susan Cain (if I remember correctly). Personally I think most people takes it for granted that a brain is a brain and don’t bother how it works. So our struggle to understand ourselves seems odd. Relational problems and Feelings are deeper and more interresting. Somehow. Unless you have to figure out whats going on in your head. Be proud, you are doing serious work with your self and your future life. And use meds if you need them. Whatever other people think .