New and Struggling in the Adult World



I’m a 25-year-old male diagnosed with ADHD a few years ago. In addition to ADHD, I’ve struggled throughout my life with depression, and the older I get, the harder life seems to become.

I enrolled at two different four-year colleges in the past and didn’t make it through my first year at either of them. Currently I’m living back in my home town and attending the local community college part time.

There was a time when I wanted to study Computer Science, but I’m so doubtful I can even make it through college at this point. Reading is a struggle for me (it takes around an hour to read ten pages), and I zone out frequently when people are talking, even when I’m trying as hard as I can to pay attention.

On the other hand, I worry that if I don’t go to college, I’ll never be able to earn enough money to support myself, so I experience a lot of anxiety around that.

I’m hoping to meet some other people with similar struggles (I don’t know anyone else personally who has ADHD) and to learn some strategies for coping with the problem’s I’ve been having.

I look forward to meeting you all.



You’ve come to the right place. You can only fail if you stop trying. Depression sucks straight up. All you can do is press forward. Continue to strive for greatness success comes in many ways. I wish you the best


Hello and welcome!

I can read fun stuff fast, but difficult study books have often sent me to sleep, and I’d have given my eye teeth to be able to read ten pages an hour of those! However, last summer I had just started adhd medication and went on holiday with the mega dry text book I had to read for a retake. Maybe it was because i now had only one subject, of it was the drugs, or both, but I finally managed to read and understand and even enjoy that book! I aced the test I had failed a few months earlier.

So if you are considering medication, i would recommend trying to study with it, but more crucially, I would recommend trying to get some coaching around the planning and studying and living with adhd, and some therapy to calm yourself down, as in lowering the pressure on yourself to do this in the first place. I say this because 1. This is where I am at right now and it is really helping
2. Too much anxiety works against the ability to learn, apparently (this is an educational theory and I believe it).

Also, I have dropped out of several courses but also managed to finish some! (I am nearly 50 and a better student than ever since a) choosing something I am motivated for and b) discovering how to better deal with myself via adhd support.

Jessica’s videos are great too!


Hi Murphy, thank you for sharing your feelings. I am new to this community and find familiarity in your words. I have been thinking the same thing lately… that life seems to be getting harder as I’ve gotten older. I am 29 now. I use to be fearless when I was a child (for the most part) but as I’ve gotten older, it’s like I have allowed my fears to take control. I have anxiety quite often, and it has intensified since I started nursing school. I understand going through colleges. I am finally pushing myself to finish school. I am happy that I stumbled upon this website and hope that having a community of like minded people will help me realize I am not alone, and there is nothing “wrong” with me. I blame my anxiety and “intense thoughts” on my over active brain. It is just good to know I am not alone.