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Hello brains ^^

Introducing myself is already hard to do, but I’ll try not to give up and participate from time to time in the forum. So, I’m a 20 yo French girl (there will be a lot of mistakes in my English, let’s pretend we don’t see them haha). Those last 2 years are particularly difficult for me, right now I’m taking a break in my degree (someday I’ll probably post something about course choices bc I’m kinda lost. Idk why I’m telling you what I plan to talk about, sorry if it’s not really relevant x))

Anyway, I struggle with my mental health since then and I am in therapy for a few months now. In a way, despite my everyday challenges with social anxiety, generalized anxiety disorder, agoraphobia, panic attacks and some depressive episodes, I am glad that these were so hard to live with that I had no other choice but to meet mental health professionals. I have always been struggling with a bunch of stuff, but I have put so much effort to move on and compensate my difficulties that I blinded myself, thinking I’m just a little different from others but I could wear my best masks and handle it (and I didn’t do it that well). I feel like my introduction is really messy sorry x) (but not sorry, idk where I’m going with this anyway haha).

So, all of this to say that thanks to my current mental health issues, I have finally seen professionals and together we are beginning to search for what has given me hard times since I’m a little child. Like you would have guessed because I’m writing in this forum, ADHD (combined) and HIPO have been tested by a neuropsychologist. I am still waiting to see a neurologist to confirm ADHD diagnosis (only available in June), because idk how it is in other countries, but in France only doctors can diagnose a mental health disorder. It is just the beginning and I have started very recently a new therapy with a psychiatrist, so maybe more things will be revealed in the future.

I have started to do some research on these two, especially ADHD. Maybe I am not searching well, but I felt like French content on ADHD is quite limited or is more about children and how their families can help them. Then I clicked on Jessica’s TED talk and cried a bit. She is so moving and for once I could relate. Her videos are okay for my English level, so I am binge watching them at the moment. And maybe meeting other fishes, like she said in her really cute song, will help me to learn how to swim. So here I am!

I am not sure where I intended to go with this introduction so it’s quite messy but I know that if I read it I would spend an hour to change what I have just written bc I would worry about this or that :’) so my apologies (and thanks) to you who had to read this.


Welcome! Will say more later . . . My dog needs attention at the moment@


I get the impression that most of continental Europe doesn’t demand conformity in the way the USA does (where it’s often a matter of “Do things this way or starve to death for your moral failings and ungodliness”), which would mean there’s less pressure for parents et al to find a reason for their child (or themselves) not being able to function within the standard paradigm -and a way to hammer them into fitting it- which leaves you with a situation that’s slightly better and significantly worse: you’ll get a little more tolerance and flexibility, but if you need anything more there is much less information and knowledge to draw on (locally - as you mentioned, we fortunately live in an age where it’s easy to access foreign information).

The key to getting good with a language is to stop caring about whether your language use is good… just dive in and focus on communication and don’t worry about making things correct (outside of academic situations and written work stuff, all that matters is whether people understand, not whether you follow the official rules). So there’s something ADHD may help you with - get impulsive and start talking before you overthink your sentences :smiley:. And your grasp of the language is fine, at least on par with most internet users (even the native speakers).

Another tip is to watch English-language films/TV with subtitles in English, which will allow you to deploy both your listening and reading skills to understand it, while re-enforcing both (helps connects the sounds to the words and the words to the sounds).

Gotta head off to work, but I’m sure you’ll get some more posts as people on your side of the world wake up :slight_smile:.

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no apology required. i’m glad you’re here and glad to get to know you!

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Welcome @Pansy! A pansy is a beautiful flower & seems an appropriate username for a brain (what we call people with ADHD on this forum) as the word is thought to be derived from the french word pensée (thought)!

Here you will find all of us have gone through, are going through and will be going through similar challenges as you. Browse the site, take part in discussions, ask questions or whatever. Don’t worry about your English!


Well said . . . encouraging words!