new brain here

hi i m rocker
i m 52 years old 3 kids all grow
i like video games
motorcycles and playing guitar.
i have adhd,depression and anxiety
i think i mite be autistic but have’nt been diagnosed for it yet

thanks for having me here


Welcome to the HowToADHD forums @Wylde_Rocker !

I’m JD.

Dad to 4 kids, 2 grown & 2 youths
ADHD (diagnosed in 2020)
I sometimes struggle with anxiety, and occasionally depression (no autistic traits).

I wish I could play guitar (lifelong wish).
Never been on a motorcycle (besides sitting on a parked one, but I think it would be cool to ride one.

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thanks jd :sunglasses:

Hello @Wylde_Rocker

Welcome! (I am also fairly new here.)

I’m Jolt, and I am an avid gamer, as well. I work in IT for a software company and have recently been diagnosed with ADHD and have had GAD and OCD for quite some time. I play guitar (drums and trumpet), but I am still learning. I am the guy that can play those one songs with those one chords - haha! What games do you play?

destiny 2 call of duty sometimes overwatch but im kinda addicted to destiny
its nice to meet you jolt

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Hi @Wylde_Rocker,

Annamaria says welcome.
I used to like motorcycles but I got to jumpy so I stopped.
I have ADHD and a whole lot of other diagnosis but I am questioning everything right now because of some somatic results.

It is nice here. Bit quiet lately, a lot of people have a lot to process it seems.
Difficult times.

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Not much to say at the moment but welcome to the community, @Wylde_Rocker!

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Welcome new brains!

I really like this little community, I find the people are very nice and very supportive.

It’s good to share interests etc

I play guitar drums bass and synths… but none of them very well… I am a Jill of all trades! Which considering my ADHD makes sense… guitar practice was torture for me! Until I got into rock songs that helped…

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I recently learned about a very busy (presumably neurotypical) CEO who wanted to learn guitar, but couldn’t commit to more than 20 minutes of practice daily. He was friends with a professional musician who made a suggestion.

Since the CEO wanted to learn to play rock songs, the musician suggested learning the Minor Blues Scale to start with (since it is widely used in rock music). It worked for that businessman, who later expanded to other scales after becoming proficient at playing guitar and forming a regular practice habit, and after it was already fun for him to play music.

Yes my recent stint to a guitar teacher suggested practicing scales as a warm up, I started with the bottom strings, slow, then when I got able to do it three times in a row, then speed up… then when confident learn the top three strings… then join them together, and it’s a great warm up for us oldies….

I think velvet underground have a few one chord or two chord songs.

My dad taught me mu bonnie lies over the ocean when I was 5 on a classical guitar. Which was C, F and G7… crazy hard chords for a tiny hand. I also like zen Tran’s videos on YouTube they are a great teacher

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