New Brain. Or at least now I know!

Hey all. Kurt here!

I found the HowtoADHD channel a few months ago and was very startled to see myself so completely. So I made an appointment and it’s official. A few years ago I was diagnosed as having Borderline Personality Disorder or BPD, and while I did counseling and the steps it wasn’t really working.

My psychiatrist clocked the misdiagnosis and were now hopefully on the right track. I’m actually relieved it wasn’t BPD cuz that is a tough road, and am super hopeful that the meds will take the edge off so I can get my life in order.

So I’m here for recommendations. What to read? What kind of strategies to people love? Can’t wait to chat with the community!


Welcome Kurt . . .

Keep yourself posted, take a look at some of Jessica‘s videos, and enjoy the experience!

I am not at all a reader in the books I read years ago may not be the latest in terms of the information. But I can recommend you take a look and listen to some podcasts featuring Dr. Edward Hallowell.

Best of luck on your newly discovered journey!