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Just happened to find the forums through Twitter and this looks like an awesome spot to chat and get to know you all! I have ADHD and am slowly getting off my meds. Sadly my current psychiatrist retired. I’m just keeping busy, drinking coffee, hiking, doing some cannabis and looking for a new psychiatrist. That being said, see you all around the forums!


Hey R2, welcome to the forum!

Just want to start out by saying it is not my intention to turn your thread into a debate on cannabis. With that in mind, I would like to share some info. Pot might seem to make your ADHD better on the surface, especially if you are typically hyperactive. However, cannabis is a downer, it mellows you out, which is exactly opposite of stimulant medication and will actually increase ADHD symptoms. I bring this up because you said you are trying to get off your meds and pot may end up working against you in that goal.

That being said, you do you. I don’t have anything against the consumption of cannabis, especially for medical reasons.

I hope you find this place welcoming and that you are successful with your goal!


Have to second @Wabbajack here. I’ve gone pretty far down the rabbit hole of ADHD medical studies when in a hyperfocus period, and weed is counter-productive, especially if you’re trying to get off your medications. It mostly makes it harder to actually cope with life, while making it feel easier, so people don’t notice as easily if they’re not doing too great.

And like @Wabbajack, I have no problem with weed intrinsically, I don’t even mind recreational use, if that’s your thing. But just like a person with a bad liver or Hepatitis should stay away from alcohol because it’s likely to make things worse, self-medicating with the opposite of what your brain needs isn’t a great strategy.

Hope you can find a good, new psychiatrist, sorry to hear your old one retired. It can be hard to find another you trust the same, and it takes time. Good luck, man!

Is stepping down your meds your own choice or a result of loosing your psychiatrist? If it was personal choice, I’m curious, since I recently vhanged medications, and was wondering what it would be like to quit, and why that is a choice some people make.:sweat_smile:


It personally helps me. Not trying to advertise the consumption of weed. But yeah, thank you for the clarifications. It’s just been tough finding someone but yeah, need to get on it. Procrastination can be a problem for me.

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Well, I’m procrastinating as I type this, so I feel you.:wink: But yeah, hope you can get going, so you can get help going even better!:sweat_smile:


It’s a choice i hope to try to make at some point, just because adding non-foods to my system feels like it may have long term effects or something.

But I plan to wait until i have

a) cleared the backlog from pre-coaching
b) reached a level of coping on a daily/weekly/monthly basis that is sustainable and works.

Then I would first try reducing the stimulants (i currently take a combination of stims and nom-stims). If that goes ok I would want to try cutting out both, with support from my psychiatrist.

But if it doesn’t work i would rather take the medication than go back to how things used to be. I have had a lot of therapy and coaching though, so it wouldn’t be ‘like it used to be’ in any case, as I think differently about myself and my expectations.


Welcome Nick!

I’d be happy to. :wink: I think it has some validity as a treatment, and some definite downfalls as well (where exactly did the last 30 years go again?)

It definitely can be. But it also has certain benefits as well. And if I wasn’t in a situation where my ability to make an income is completely tied into my ability to pass a D&A screen… I’d be on the hooter right now.

  • Since I quit, my sleep patterns have gone down the tubes entirely.
  • My appetite has gone, and I weigh less than I did when I was 15.
  • I have to take the meds to get to sleep now, and they don’t always work nearly as well. And have side effects and potential dependance.

Just before I quit, I found some success with micro dosing. Just enough to stop the wheels from turning, but not enough to make a Cheech and Chong movie.

I truly believe it has some potential capability to adress some of the symptoms of ADHD, but at a cost.

Both the benefits and the cost need to be explored, and not just behind closed doors on the couch while the dirty dishes pile up and the days turn into decades.

Also worth mentioning is CBD oil, which has none of the psychotropic elements of the THC from cannabis.

Some strains have much higher levels of CBD than THC, and have been reported to be therapeutic for some people. This is all anecdotal evidence, instead of through officially recognised research.

Cannabis is still the pariah of mental health (with some justification, of course), second only to nicotine - my personal favourite of the pariah world.

I might at this point also mention that I’ve heard of some successes from micro dosing with LSD…

So I’d welcome rational debate on the issue amongst mature, consenting adults. :+1:

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When I said weed is counter-productive I wasn’t talking about symptom treatment, but about the effect on the brain being the opposite of what our medications are meant to do. As mentioned above, it’s a downer, rather than an upper, so does the opposite of what the ADHD brain actually needs to function ‘normally’. But I’m sure it can treat some symptoms, especially related to sleep and medically induced lack of appetite.

I have heard of micro-dosing LSD, but never in the context of ADHD, usually some rather different issues…


Absolutely, I agree. But before I knew about ADHD, it was the only thing that would stop the constant negative self-talk, and random thoughts. I guess that’s why I was drawn to it.

The price though, was a total loss of motivation. But that was in such short supply for me that the net loss was minimal.

Micro dosing seemed to increase my level of alertness, and didn’t have the down side, although I only tried it that way a couple of times. More testing required…

I was at an ADHD group support session earlier in the week, and a woman was talking about the micro dosing of LSD, specifically for ADHD. I came into the conversation late, so I didn’t get the full gist of it. But once again, a chemical compound which can have some pretty intensely nasty effects if not taken with care. And some highly therapeutic effects if taken medicinally.

Ayahuasca could have some therapeutic benefits, but because there is little in the way of reputable research findings, and a lot of outright guff, we just don’t know for sure.


Hi Simon,

I relate to this a lot and I’m not so sure who to talk with about it. I was wondering if I could maybe send you a pm but I’m new to the forum and even though I should be able to send pms (my trust level is basic user) I can’t figure out how.
Sorry for reviving this post but I didn’t know another way.

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Oh sorry, it said something about that in the different levels page.
I’ve noted it down, thank you!


can i note it down or na?


@vh0622 By all means. Let me know if you got it, and I’ll delete it.


It’s all good. Drop me a line and say hi.


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This is the only discussion so far that I found on cannabis and ADHD that talks about effects and not about addiction. Thank you

I was diagnosed several years ago, during my first degree, and although they gave me recomendation for medication, I really hated the effect of the Retalin they gave me in the test, so I never tried to get a prescription.
About two years ago I accedentally found out that weed helps me study and since this is a pretty stressful year, I used it for studying for about a year now.

I can relat to what you said that it helps with SOME of the simptoms, but can worsen others.
In my experience it helps with slowing everything down a little, so my brain doesn’t skip details, it also helps sometimes to get into hyperfocus, it helps with initiate work, it helps shutting up all the other thoughts about everything around that usually makes noise in my head… and i’m not sure how it relates to ADHD, but it also helps with stress and overwhelming.

the costs are where it worsen impulsivity and emotional sensitivity, and over time I think it also made consentration without it a little worse.
It also changes between types of work I need to do - if it’s coding or reading or writing etc. and different strains have different effects and not all are helping. I usually use low dosages.

I think that when I will finish my thesis I will try to give proper medication another chance, because weed doesn’t seem to be a good long-term solution, but I do think it can help for limited periods, if you don’t have a better option.
Of course, everyone should make their own thinking, and probably take into consideration other factors, shuch as your tendency to addiction, the cost of it, the public relations etc.

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just found this: