New therapist

So yea had an awesome therapist. Her schedule doesn’t fit someone that’s a full time teacher. Had a new one two weeks ago her schedule didn’t fit have another new person this week.

Last real therapy session was before July 4th. I can see that I’m affected. I hope the new person sticks and is consistent.

I just hope I don’t talk too fast and say too much Thursday. I’m concerned that It would be like RELEASE THE KRAKEN.



This is my new favorite hashtag :joy: I know this post is old so, how did it go???

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Well she lasted a month then schedule change, so I had a new one after that, and schedule change so I’m with another one.

My latest therapist is great she’s kinda tough and asks tough questions that actually makes me stop talking and think for a bit.


That’s good, sounds like it must’ve been hard to find a good therapist

Dude… you have no idea.

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Scheduling and availability of a good provider is really hard. The person I work with is great, but her last sessions at the end of the day fill up and they still happen during the 8-5 work day. So I end up having to take time off work to go, which is a challenge. The other challenge I’ve found is that a really good therapist gets really booked. We’ve gotten into the habit now of booking 6-8 weeks in advance to keep appointment times that work.

With your teaching job, do you have planning periods? Is that when you try to get your appointments? Or do you try to get them after the school day? I imagine it’s got to be really difficult.

No lol not during planning periods. I have to go to therapist at her place of employment 1 hour ride with lift. Teachers get no shortcuts lol.

Ugh. The struggle is real. Is there any chance your provider would do telehealth? Where I work it’s a service we provide, but I know not a lot of places do.

Yea my mental health hospital um maybe they do ?

I’ll check on that