New to ADHD - Not sure of my symptom

Hi Guys,

I am Akshaya here. I am 25. I am yet to be formally diagnosed with ADHD but my family doctor recently indicated that I might have ADHD.

I just have a small question regarding something I have noticed in myself. The other day I was using my laptop and by mistake, I pressed on a button and a pop up came up. I wanted to close the tab but without even me realizing it, I kept pressing the button and hoped for it to close.

Later I became aware and closed it but am just curious if this something anyone else faces too? if this is also an ADHD symptom?



I think it is a LAPTOP SYMPTOM! :joy:


Oh btw . . . WELCOME here . . . :+1:

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I agree a bit with this. Technology makes it difficult to do basic things, and computers and websites are not always ADHD friendly.

I’d add that sometimes with ADHD we disconnect from our body or our actions. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done something and completely forgot I was in the middle of it, or gotten distracted and hit the wrong thing. I’ve also gotten impatient and frustrated at times.

In general I’d say that this one incident is less indicative of ADHD per se. That being said, make sure you’re looking at the symptoms of ADHD and making notes about things you notice in yourself and your behavior. When you talk with your providers you’ll want to be able to help them understand what it’s like to live your life each day since they’re not there to see it.

Good luck!


Lol…i guess so!


Thank you so much for your response. I will take note of your suggestions. At this point I am really looking for some answers. I am hoping to get a proper diagnosis for now.

Akshaya R

Thank You!!

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