New to this forum, but not to the problem😅

Hi, my name is Aleandro, 21 years old boy from Switzerland, so yeah, pretty far for most of the people of this blog. I speak English, but I’m not perfect, sorry for the errors😁.

At the end you can find the summary of everything that is written here.

I’ve always been a particularly distracted child, with the head in the clouds and the butt never on the chair at school, but it was just me, or at least it’s what they thought (the teachers, they hated me😂).
At 12 I was first diagnosed with a deficit of attention, and I started with the medicaments, and they worked GREAT! But they did make me very sick. After 2 years they thought that I was cured and I stopped.

The years goes by, I learned to live and manage myself and it was ok, all my struggles were only me being stupid/not smart enough.

Engineering school… man that’s hard, for everybody so no problems, it’s not me.
At the end of the first semester I did a test and I got confused, not small distractions, but huge distractions and I thought I did great. Like if the test asked to draw a green rectangle, and I draw a blue circle, and I was proud of my work: it’s a colored geometric form, but not the right one.
So I searched online, and I found How to ADHD…Oh my god, THAT’S ME!!!
After a month of thinking/complexes/indecision, I decided to see a doctor, and it was confirmed, one plate of ADHD for the guy at table six.

I’m Swiss, remember? Here the meds like ritalin, concerta, and all that is legal only for minors, so now I’m on a program with a non-active medicament call Strattera: spoiler, it’s not very effective.
So yeah, that’s it for now, trying bullet journals, notes, healthy food and I don’t know, we’ll see.


  • Distracted child -> meds, they work great.
  • (doctors when I was 14) “Ohh he’s cured” -> no more meds.
  • Thinking I’m just too stupid for all my teens years.
  • Got through until uni (engineering).
  • Realising there’s a problem.
  • Discover How to ADHD.
  • Got diagnosed.
  • Take meds that doesn’t work great.
  • Meh, let’s see.

Thank you, sorry for the book I’ve wrote😅


Hey there Aleandro! Welcome to the forum :grin:
There’s actually an international category here on the forum so you might want to check it out ( if you haven’t already :sweat_smile: ) I’m curious, you mentioned that the meds you took as a kid made you sick. Are you referring to side effects?
I wish you luck on everything!! :blush:

Thanks, and yeah I’ve already checked out that part, and I’m very happy that people all around the world share their experiences :grin::grin::grin:.
The meds made me all shaky, with sweaty hand, and I was never hungry, like having a bad fever all the time, I was very underweight and weak.

I’m happy like a child that somebody commented, that there is a conversation, I still can’t belive that there is a platform like this with people like this​:grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:.


Wow those side effects sound awful! Did you think it was worth it??
And yeah I felt like that too when I first made a post. But I’m happy to be having a conversation with you :yum:

Welcome, Aleandro! I hope How to ADHD is helpful for you! It definitely made me feel better just being able to come here and hear from people who are like me. :grin:

The results at school raised exponentially, I was calmer. I wasn’t happy, but it worked.

All the tips and tricks are useful, and knowing that I can do something about it is very nice😁