New to this, think i need someone to talk with.

Hello, My name is Adam.
I am 20 years old, live in Sweden and have recently been diagnosed with ADHD (altho i cant recall exactly when).
I have a lot of weight on my shoulders, feelings of guilt, sadness and anger. things i havent been able to understand why they have happened or what caused them.
as i understand it this is a common thing among us, and i havent been properly able to talk to others with this condition before my diagnosis and would love to hear from some of you.
about how it has affected you in good ways or bad, i want to hear your struggles with ADHD and your solutions to problems i wasnt able to understand. maybe be of help just by listening to you
and find help and even share some of my own problems in exchange.

The diagnosis… i dont know if it has helped me up till now, im taking medication and im happy to report that it works. (only second month of taking it)
it works to the point that im almost afraid of it. sure, its not a miracle drug to fix all my problems. and ofcourse it hasnt. far from.

i have realized that my problems are not as uncommon as i first thought, and that there are advantages to the condition. but im having a hard time to see the positive side of things.
As i am now 20y old and have jumped off education programs / schools three times in a row now (Computer tech, mechanic, mechanic)
living with my dad and doing a weekend job for a small amount of money. its hard to accept the position im in and im having troubles seeing past all my failures.
i love my dad, the house, my friends, my girlfriend. but i still feel a bit empty. i dont know if it is a post teenage existential crisis waiting to explode or if im just not doing enough things.

i feel like i want to introduce myself a bit more but im having a hard time thinking of interesting things about me.
so im just going to skip that part for now… feel free to ask if you are interested, im more than happy to share my life and my interest even on a more personal level.

i dont know what i want out of this post really. i guess im just looking for help i have never been able to ask for before.
maybe even someone to talk to, even just for a while. i think i need to just break down in front of someone who have been there before and wont judge.

this is all just coming out of my head as im writing so i hope i was able to make sense and that i can be a little bit selfish in taking up some of your time reading this.
i dont feel like i want to write about my problems or struggles in this format, since im afraid it would come out in a way i did not intend it to. and i have been writing for too long :S. please do ask me about it instead if you want, i feel like a conversation would be better
thank you


Hello Adam, what you are feeling is not uncommon, as you know already. It can take some time to come to terms with a diagnosis, and unfortunately, more time to improve on the issues that have been affecting you over your lifetime, try and be patient and learn more ways that you can help yourself, I know that is easier siad then done.

I think the best thing would be to just get involved in the forum and join conversations. Have a search through the archive of threads for the probelms you are having trouble with. Have a look through the Howto ADHD youtube channel the subject you want to deal with is probably covered there.

Do you have a counselling service where you are, maybe talking to someone by phone could help you. Do you have access to therapy, maybe you could lookat that as an option. Most of all, don’t give up, you can improve on you current situation, as above it will take a bit of time.

Life is ups and downs, I’m sure you know that already. Right now you are down but you can make small steps back towards the up, don’t try and make bit jumps and expect too much change in one go. You will be able to bounce back and do the things you want to do!


Adam, welcome! Neil has expressed much of what I would say to you . . .

The road may not be easy, but you are on it . . . searching, thinking, and . . . agonizing! We are fellow travelers . . . you are not alone!