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My name is Caldwell & im 20 years old & living in South Africa. I have been diagnosed with ADHD since birth & throughout my entire life i haven’t really been exposed enough about my condition. Since i left school the world outside is alot tough than i imagined & it’s been hard for me to cope lately. My friends don’t know enough about my condition which makes it hard for me to express myself & i can’t tell my parents about it because i don’t feel comfortable enough opening up to them. Which means i turned to the use of marijuana to make me feel okay & forget about my problems however i am not addicted to it, it’s just a now & again thing. Im a shy person & at times i struggle to open myself up, my self confidence/esteem is really low as is any kid with ADHD too. It came to a point where i needed therapy because i was in such a mess/state that i had no one to talk to cause they just didn’t understand.

From the beginning of last year I’ve decided to really do some research on it as i would like to know more about what our minds so different from the “normal kids” :smile:. But i have no idea where to start as there is so much research done on ADHD already, i just have no clue what to research. Im really new about learning & understanding the condition & in dire need of any help please​:frowning:.

Welcome to this community of brains! Read posts, ask questions, watch videos posted by the founders and admins of this forum, and open up to us. It is a safe place to lay out your frustrations, questions, failures, etc. At the very least, we are from all over the world and you aren’t likely to meet us in person. At the best, we understand what you are going through because we are all ADHD. - H

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