Newbie desperate for support

Hi there, everyone. I’m new here. I got diagnosed with ADHD around 6 months ago (at the age of 26) and I struggle so much with the symptoms. The more motivation I have at workplace and the more hard work I put somehow led me to more horrendous situations. Currently experiencing depression and social anxiety as comorbidites to my ADHD. What makes it worse is that adult ADHD is not quite recognized in my country (Malaysia) so I also struggle to find support. Am really feeling hopeless at the moment.


Hello and welcome to the ADHD community.
It sound like your having a difficult time at the moment. It’s frustrating (and saddening) when people believe ADHD only effects kids. I’m sorry that you struggling to find support. You are in the right place for understanding and tools to help with anything ADHD related. Hopefully this forum can give you a little hope :slight_smile:

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While I live 1/2 way round the world, I feel a close kinship to you and everyone else here. ADHD people “know” each other! And support each other. Welcome!

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I am in aus, so timezones may align better.

#disclaimer… I am an engineer not a therapist or medical doctor.

I have only used neurofeedback and guided meditation, “smiling mind” app. You might want to try stress reduction program.

If you’re lucky, you will manage to have control over your next breath. And breath by breath you’ll survive, and as you survive … You’re still here? … You’ll eventually feel like you’re living.

Sorry I can’t do more. Let us know how you go.

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