Newbie introducing myself.

Hi, Brains!

I’m Rae, I’m 44, and I just got a neuropsych referral from my GP. Now stuff starts getting real.

I’m pretty sure I’ve had ADHD all my life, but when I was a kid this diagnosis did not exist. It was called hyperkinesis and only boys had it. But in elementary school, I would take way too long to do my classwork. They put me out in the hall so I wouldn’t get distracted by the classroom or the windows, but that didn’t work. And at home my parents were always getting on me for being so distractible all the time. My poor working memory meant that it took me three times as long as my classmates to copy things from the board. This did not get better and I scrambled so much in college, I’m surprised I didn’t get whiplash looking from the board to my notes and back again.

Back in April, I invited a friend over to be my cleaning buddy ('cause hoo boy do I get behind in the housework!) and she happens to be an Occupational Therapist. After I got sidetracked a few times, she said to me, “You know you have ADHD, right?”

I’d been diagnosed with Tourette syndrome when I was 17 (had symptoms since I was about 7) and I had considered it as a possibility at the time, but having unsupportive parents meant that nothing ever came of it (“You don’t have ADD, you’re just too distractible!” – Sure. And that person doesn’t have Type I Diabetes, they just have a non-functional pancreas.) and after a while I put it out of my mind. But her words suddenly made everything fall into place. It took a while to get the appointment with my GP (it was time for my annual physical anyway) but I finally had the appointment yesterday and got the referral. Now I need to make more phone calls. Urgh, phone calls…

I hope this kind of advice is okay to request. What should I tell them when I make the appointment? And what should I expect when I get there?

Thank you, and nice to meet you all!


Welcome to the forum Rae! Hope you enjoy your stay and we can help out!!

Welcome to the forum, fellow Tourette’s Rae!:blush: I had the same, diagnosed with ‘Tourette’s +’ (could be lots of stuff, but is often ADHD or anxiety) at age 7-8, then early this year I finished my Master’s, and with no one telling me what to do, the ADHD came back with a vengeance, just what I need while trying to find work…!:disappointed_relieved: Luckily, I love learning stuff, so hyoerfocus saved me, though your ‘whiplash’ analogy dropped me STRAIGHT back into junior high and high school History! Just lines upon lines to copy from the board, and although I love history, writing it all down by hand was… rough… Like you said, whiplash-like…:sweat_smile:

As for what to expect, just an interview, although I’d recommend writing a list of things you struggle with including specific examples because you WILL forget if you don’t bring a list.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: We all do! And then we remember on the way home, or a few days later…:sweat_smile: They may give you several multiple-choice questionnaires for testing purposes.:blush::wink:

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Hi Rae - I’m a newb here too, so thought I’d make my first post to say hi to a fellow newbie. :wink:


Hi @DonnaNoble hi @Kerry welcome to the forum!!! ( both of you :wink: )
I have a question for you Rae, who was your favorite dr in the series?
There’s a couple threads ont he forum about preparing for an appointment, but the general gist is this: write down what you struggle with/why you think you have ADHD as talking points and review them with your GP. Good luck!

Hi Kerry! Welcome to you too! Hope you like it here so far!:blush: Feel free to make an intro post of your own when you have time, if you feel like it.:wink:

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@ConfusedbutADHDandLD It’s hard to say anymore! For a while it was David Tennant with Matt Smith close behind, but Chris Eccelston really started to grow on me, and I have a soft spot for Peter Davison. This is why instead of particular Doctors, I tend to use the TARDIS as an avatar or desktop wallpaper.

I already had the appointment with my GP and now I’m gearing up to make the call to the neuropsych. But writing down all my concerns sounds like a good idea. And when I call to make the appointment, do I just say that I suspect I have ADHD (and possibly other issues) and I’d like to be evaluated?


I know the feeling! My favorite doctor is always the current one because they just seem to get better and better😆

Yeah it’s probably a good idea to mention why you want to be evaluated specifically. That way they have a little bit more info on the purpose of the appointment :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello Rae, Im another newbie here. Just got an appointment thru my gp. Do as Marodir suggest. It was similar to what I answered to my Gp. Then it took about three weeks to get a reply and confirm My appointment for assessment. Dont get in a hurry. Just think your making headway,


Welcome, I was diagnosed at 42 and getting through all the referrals and steps to get diagnosed took some time. I think it was worth it, not just for the meds, but also because it let me learn a lot of strategies to deal with non-adhd brains around me.