Hi! My name is Vin and I’m from the UK. I’m 34 and was diagnosed with combined ADHD in April this year. I’ve tried stimulant medication and it didn’t work for me so currently I’m unmediated which sucks but if it’s not going to work then what can you do? I’m also autistic and I’m currently under diagnosis for Ehlers-Danlos syndromes (EDS).

My hobbies include music (both listening to and playing instruments (drumming, piano and singing)), writing (just finished NaNoWriMo!), musical theatre, being a rat parent, playing board and card games, gardening and Stand Up Paddleboarding.

I’m always looking for new friends so if anyone wants to say hey then feel free to :slight_smile:


Hello Vin! Welcome!

Congratulations on finishing NaNoWriMo! That’s quite an accomplishment - I’m always impressed with people that take part in it. It’s super intimidating to me. :sweat_smile: Also I loooove rats! I’d love to see pictures if you don’t mind sharing, of course. :slight_smile: Don’t feel like you have to.

Also I am so jealous of the gardening talent. I am a horrible plant-parent. :sweat_smile: :grin: