Newly diagnosed, 21 year old studying dentistry and miserably failing at it

I’m new here so hi all! Dental school has been really tough to get through save I’ve somehow managed to reach the end of it but so seems really difficult. I’m at a really low point and would love to hear stories about how it got better for you guys after getting appropriate treatment


Welcome to the site!

How recently were you diagnosed? I assume after you had already applied to dental school.

ADHD presents itself in very different ways in different people. There are numerous symptoms and characteristics that are unique to you, so knowing what those are will help.

With the diagnosis, learn more about yourself… Understand yourself. If doing things is hard because they are boring, not challenging, or don’t allow for creativity, three things ADHD brains often need, it’s important to find a career that are usually none of these.

I am also newly diagnosed, and still learning about how it has effected me over the years, how I have managed to cope with some things well enough to get by, and what things I need to improve on. Diagnosed at 47, I managed to do reasonably well for myself, but I wonder if life would have been easier if I had known earlier and got treatment sooner.

So… What lead you to getting a diagnosis, and what do you feel you are having the most difficulty with? What specifically about your dental schooling is difficult? I assume this is some kind of dental specialty, like a dental assistant? Knowing more about why you sought a diagnosis and what troubles you are having with your career will help the community in providing some insight…


Welcome to the HowToADHD forums @Sp9 ! Congrats on going to dental school.

I was diagnosed last year at 45. I think that I’d have done better in college if I’d been diagnosed a long time ago. (Multiple attempts at college).

Experience has taught me that the best things I can do to try to minimize the effect of my ADHD traits include: getting enough rest, and reducing stress. (Unfortunately, my life has been pretty stressful, and as a result I’m usually short on sleep. I’ve found mindfulness meditation to help with the stress, though.)

Medication has indeed helped me a lot. I’ve been diagnosed with ADHD Inattentive presentation (no Hyperactive-Impulsive traits, only Inattentive traits). On medication, I have almost no struggles with maintaining my attention and focus, so I’m a lot more effective at work than I used to be before I started on medication. However, different people respond differently to medication, different medications, different dosage. Some don’t respond very well at all to medication

Other treatments that I know of include counseling or therapy (such as CBT), and ADHD coaching (skills development). I haven’t done much of that yet, but probably would benefit from it. (I’ve even considered that I’d like to become an ADHD coach someday down the road, because most of the coaching in my area is just in schools. I would want to provide coaching to adults, particularly working adults and maybe non-traditional college students.)